No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Is redevelopment coming back to life? No Way! Assemblywoman Campos bill would perform CPR on CRA!

The recent San Jose Mercury article regarding a “stealth” bill designed to anonymously revive the moribund CRA amounts to nothing less than an okay for a gigantic tax increment raid by California cities and counties that just might send the State of California right back to the edge of bankruptcy where Governor Jerry Brown rescued us not too long ago!

The Starbucks instead of abandoned warehouses pitch for the CPR/CRA Santos bill put forth by its mega-developer circle of backers rings super-false!

Thank you, Mercury News, for  calling this  would-be trapdoor state legislation to the attention of the Drop Dead CRA Day Coalition, which has pledged to forever celebrate  the demise of the Community Redevelopment Agency on February First of each year!

Governor Brown, please oppose this outrageous challenge to your abolition last year of all local CRA’s that was hatched ever so quietly by Silicon Valley Assemblywoman Nora Campos!

This big, bad “enemy-Campos” bill deserves your immediate negative attention before it metastasizes to the stage where it reaches anywhere near your desk for a signature!

Thank you!

GOOGLE redevelopment.us and/or Drop Dead CRA Day for background information.


John Walsh





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