No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

The brand new Multi-story City-built Destined to fail parking structure opens on Vine St. next to the former Huntington Hartford / now Ricardo Montalban Theater

Here’s a link to the opening of  that huge parking structure around the Hollywood and Vine corner from the Metro  subway station, which was built counter-intuitively to discourage the General Public from taking their car to Hollywood adding to  our traffic woes!  Go figure!


Garcetti refuses to divulge the city budge cost of this gray elephant eyesore which took more than three years to build because the city kept running out of funds.

ALCOHOLLYWOOD doesn’t need a 24-hour Vine Street parking lot except to accommodate the plan hatched by SF’s Mark Leno in the Legislature to allow bars and clubs statewide to sell alcohol everyday till the wee hours of 4AM…just in time for the tardy drunk drivers departing the bars and clubs to get into auto accidents with the early morning workplace commuters!

Who operates the new Hollywood parking structure?  How much did it cost? How much are monthly operating expenses? There are lots of questions remaining for Hollywood Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti to answer!

City-owned parking lots everywhere in LA are losing money hand over fist! Why do we need a new one? This parking lot is the cherry on top of the big mound of Hollywood Doggie Doo Doo!

John Walsh



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