No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Second-rate LA Times Reporter Michael Finnegan is full …

Second-rate LA Times Reporter Michael Finnegan is full of effin’ sh*t when he says that Little Wendy is guilty of “a series of missteps in her run for mayor”.

Greuel has just successfully raided the lame-duck-by-May inner circle of Mayor V to pick up two of his very best deputies.

Of course, W. Greuel  could have hired any damn one  she wanted out of Antonio’s  outgoing College of Deputy Mayors , who are still kissing (but not for very  much longer) Antonio’s ass  at City Hall , while simultaneously looking  desperately for the next job!

She rightly rejected born losers like “Jimmy Boy” Bickhart” to snatch up  a  born winner  like Mike Dantona to create  her new  winning Feminist narrative.

Little Wendy was like a middle-aged Valley shopper picking through distressed swap meet-type merchandise  looking to grab a bargain from Antonio’s close-out office worker  sale!

Greuel hit the jackpot by picking up Janelle “Black and Proud” Jackson who instantly becomes the  “onliest” one of  Greuel ‘s people  who speaks “Ebonics” as a first language and  the “onliest” one who could find her way home on foot if  dropped  and left at Midnight at the corner of Slauson & Vermont!

Forget about the effin’ angry white guy as the swing voter who voted for a faigele for the first time when he went for Kevin James!  This poor guy vpter is yesterday’s LA mashed potatoes!

Forget also the LA Times conventional wisdom bullshit!  The  swing voters in the May Mayoral race will be women…Black, Brown, Yellow, Westside Jewish, Valley Jewish , Christian , Buddhist , Atheist,  Gay, Straight, Young, Middle-Aged, Senior-Citizen, Handicapped, able-bodied!  Woman…”in her infinite variety”!

Women will swing this upcoming Mayoral election! And Tricky Ricky has never had and will never have a reputation as a lady-killer!  Ask anyone without a penis between their legs if that’s true! Okay?

Wendy was a Valley Republican until 1990 when she switched to please the Show Biz types who were set to play a big role in her future…like Steven Spielberg!

Janelle Jackson surely knows now where all the bodies are buried in LA politics. Plus she can arrange exclusively for Union laborers to throw dirt in the faces of the dearly departed and get paid more than the minimum wage for the digging!

For example: When Antonio finished f*cking Alarcon’s daughter and they couldn’t find her daughter who was left to wander through City Hall because Mommy and Uncle Antonio were  way too goddam  high to keep track of  a small child and hump at the same time, who did The Mayor turn to ? Who did the Mayor call to rescue his Brown ass from a potentially political career ending jam?

That’s right! A Black political fixer named … Ms.  Janelle Erickson Jackson who successfully shepherded the chair of the Public Works Commission to the New Otani Hotel and later to a touching mother and child reunion staged by Janelle Jackson at LAPD HQ followed by the Media gradually losing interest in the scandal!

Janelle had proved herself earlier on when young Hispanic gangsters accidentally shot and killed an African-American honor student. Who was it that called upon as the Mayor’s proxy to haul ass and head south toward the Hood to quiet down those really restless natives before South LA exploded?
That self-same African-American: Ms. Janelle Jackson. She’s worth more than her weight in solid platinum to Little Wendy’s campaign!

Janelle can only make matters way worse for Tricky Ricky’s Negro Problem and Gender Dilemma!

Greuel’s handlers have been bickering among themselves for months and months about when or if the Gender Card should be played.

The matter is settled with Jackson’s takeover.  From now on Vaginal Politics Rules Supreme!

Look for lots more of Senator Boxer’s face in Little Wendy’s campaign…maybe even a Feinstein endorsement which hinges upon a future counter-endorsement agreed upon by Greuel  for Senator Feinstein’s daughter’s still un-announced candidacy to fill her mother’s Senate seat when Dianne  soon decides to call it quits! Feinstein Junior has already resigned as Presiding Judge in San Francisco to gird for battle.

No more shit from Greuel about how much tax payers’ wasted money she has personally shaved away as City Controller…That’s a Republican voter pitch which never really worked for her!

Wendy and her Svengali Shallman fell for the nonsense coming out of the LA Times that Pretty Boy Kevin was going to leap frog over her for second place…unless she lurched to the Right!

The new internally-generated message to be pitched at the electorate is Greuel’s elevation to Mayor will be HISTORIC! HISTORIC! HISTORIC! Everybody climb aboard! Mayor Wendy is inevitable!

Got it! If not, Get it!



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