No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

UPDATE: Like a rat caught in a trap chewing its own leg off in a panic to escape! That’s you, Eric!



Dear Candidate Garcetti:

President Bill  Clinton’s  ringing  endorsement of your rival today marks the turning point in the LA Mayor’s  race.

Mr. Garcetti, your goose is  cooked! You’re yesterday’s mashed potatoes!

It’s as if you and your giant-sized political ego got caught sinking into the La Brea Tar Pits!

Eric! When the most influential and best-liked Democrat in America endorses  your little-known opponent  for Mayor,you must feel horrible!

The handwriting is on the wall! You are the loser in the Mayor’s Race on May 21!

You  and the extended Garcetti family are long time personal friends of the Clintons! You have been very generous to Bill and Hillary through hefty contributions made by the (firmly-controlled) Roth Family  Foundation to various Clinton charities and foundations! You must feel betrayed!

Your boosters at the LA Times namely  Publisher Hartenstein and Editor Maharaj will now desert you.

The National  Democrat Party power structure has signaled its choice of Greuel for leader of the second largest city in America. Case-closed.

Anyone seeking a seat at Mayor Greuel’s  Inauguration Ceremonies, send a fat check to Wendy’s Campaign Committee right away to avoid the inevitable rush down the line  to  get aboard the Bandwagon!

John Walsh




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