No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh


Subject: Request for LA City Attorney ruling whether Kantor Committee is subject toRalph M. Brown Act!


Dear Mr. Schwada,

You are the closest to Carmen Trutanich that I can easily contact. Please forward this request to the City Attorney for a speedy legal opinion whether or not the Kantor Committee will be free to pursue its intentions of brazenly flouting the RALPH M. BROWN OPEN MEETING LAW!!!

Here are HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG‘s arguments that the Kantor Committee is strictly subject to the Brown Act and some other related inquiries:

Firstly, every reason for LA city neighborhood councils being required to follow the Brown Act at their meetings applies equally to the Kantor Committee!

Who is funding the Kantor Committee? What’s the Cantor Committee’s budget and proposed term of service?

Where will these secret meetings occur?  Will meeting minutes be taken? Who will take the minutes and who will control access to the Kantor Committee minutes?

How will the Kantor Committee’s findings and recommendations scheduled for September be communicated to The LA City Council and new Mayor?

Will the MSM and City Hall Blogs be banned from the Kantor Committee meetings?

Who will pay for the Kantor Committee’s staff? How exactly will its recommendations reach the Mayor and City Council? Will the Kantor Committee employ an Executive Director? How will the Executive Director be chosen and how will the Executive Director be paid?

Will Kantor Committee members be compensated monetarily or otherwise for attendance at these meetings? How much?  How will Kantor Committee members’ expenses be paid?

What role in the Kantor Committee will Mr. Justin Wesson play? Justin Wesson is Kantor Committee creator LA City Council President Herb  Wesson’s son  and his Political Deputy.(FYI: Mr. Justin Wesson has a  recent DUI arrest on his record.)

Will LA City Council members, the Mayor, the City Attorney and their staffs be bound by secrecy when appearing before the Kantor Committee? Will the Kantor Committee be subject to the LA City Ethics Committee and the State FPCC rules and regulations?

Will the Kantor Committee members be subject to filling initial and yearly statements of Economic Interests with the State of California and the City Ethics Commission?

Finally, Herb Wesson must provide a precedent and a time line for his creation of the Kantor Committee. Has City Council President Herb Wesson exceeded his authority under the City Charter when creating and/or introducing the so-called Kantor Committee!

Please check out the 3/29/13 Blogpost by Mathew Mullins at LA Weekly Informer where David Fleming, Nof Latham and Watkins says  “…the committee members will meet ‘privately’ with representatives of the City’s key industries and entrepreneurial fields as well as leaders from the city’s dozens of distinct neighborhoods.”

(Notice there is no direct mention here of the City’s elected neighborhood councils.)

The above questions are just for starters…

John Walsh





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