No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh


Did Mayor Riordan gently lobby Mayor (now Judge) Hahn for a Greuel endorsement backstage this morning at the LA’s Best City Council Award Presentation? Wesson-endorsed Mayoral Candidate Garcetti was again playing hooky from City Council meetings and missed all the excitement!
Eric has attended one City Council meeting in the past six weeks since President Wesson gave his choice for Mayor a blanket okay to skip attending LA City Council meeting to campaign for Mayor instead!

President Herb Wesson from his elevated Council seat refused to acknowledge Mayor Riordan’s presence in the Chamber, adding fuel to the fire of their nasty feud that erupted at Mayor Riordan’s previous visit to an LA City Council meeting!

Council President Herb did however effusively introduce fellow Democrat Mayor Hahn to the Council meeting audience!

When asked why not, President Wesson said that John Walsh did Mayor Riordan’s introduction for him.

Wesson was alluding to Mayor Dick Riordan pleasantly interrupting Walsh’s Public Comment statement before the City Hall cameras to shake hands with the “notorious gadfly”.

John Walsh




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