No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

LA Times allows anonymous reader to indulge in rape fantasy at LA NOW posted comment board!


Why do you give your LA Times blessing to Warren de Zeez” (Read “Warren Disease”) who anonymously discusses “screwing” that means raping) “the attractive lady in the red jacket”.

Find the LA NOW comment post in question below.

Whoever this man is (The Times is protecting his identity), this potential rapist is clearly referring to the African-American lady sitting next to Compton Mayoral candidate Omar Bradley in the LA NOW photo that appears above this LA NOW story about the Compton Mayor’s race.

Who is this lady? Please inform us and we will warn her!

How dare the LA Times post this racist threat!  Take this perilous comment down immediately!

Are you a racist, LA NOW Editor Jimmy Orr? If the lady in the Times photo being degraded in this Times posted comment had been white, would you have posted such a statement by “De Zeez” (“Disease”) where he says: ….” he’d enjoy screwing the attractive lady in the red jacket.”

For shame, L.A. TIMES! It’s doubtful that you will respond to this EMAIL!

John Walsh






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