No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Loser James begs devoted followers to get on their knees and vote for Dreamboat Ronnie Galperin



Outrageous Loser James begs his devoted entourage to get on their padded knees and cast a ballot for Dreamboat Ronnie Galperin after “Butch” Garcetti!

My word! What do Ronnie & Kevin, that brand new devoted Dem/Repub couple, possess in common except to-die-for-hair?
Who cares who Mayoral loser James deeply desires for City Controller? Those angry  right-wing white Republican males who anxiously  threw away their mayoral vote  on Boy Kevin and  now are simply dying to be told by Losin’ James who to vote for next?  PUH-leeze!
Honestly, we really need another LA Times story about Boy Kevin’s likes and dislikes crusin’ the precincts like we need a hole in the head!
The Times Headline on Granny Merl’s story should read:” Pretty Boy Kevin with oodles of pride endorses Pretty Boy Ronnie!”


Birds of a feather: Get real already! (See below for hunky Galperin photo)
“Frankly, Scarlett, the voters don’t give a damn!” Except maybe LA Times City Editor Mr. Shelby Grad, for heaven’s sake!!!”
The only ones holding their breath to find out Boy Kevin’s latest civic endorsements are the “The James Gang” over at the Times!   REALLLY! (SEE HOT SHOT BELOW)







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