No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Clearly befuddled City Council President Wesson on 4/19 asks the Public:”What color am I?” Huh?

E-mail to Justin Wesson

A  clearly befuddled LA City Council President Herb Wesson on Friday (4/19) asked something of the members  of Public, who were serving  as  viewers/potential eyewitnesses  and acting as observers of the  City Council  cut-ups presented that day on Channel 35 video cameras.
That something that Herb asked the Public yesterday was the ultra-odd query: “What color am I?”

See for yourself a very, very  weary Wesson whose main goal at the meeting seemed to be  frankly  currying favor with his Bossman Eric Garcetti, who was making one of his increasingly rare visits to an LA Council meeting. This time Eric’s mission was to exploit the scheduled Armenian and Jewish Holocaust Presentations taking place for his own incredibly ambitious Mayoral campaign purposes!

It is quite painfully obvious that Herb believes Eric Garcetti is fated to succeed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa; and Mr. Wesson doesn’t want to waste any of his semi-precious time and energy breaking in a brand new set of Monica Lewinsky kneepads on the next Mayor!

See the official city document below where Herb automatically grants Eric Garcetti “another batch of excusal requests”!  That’s a pass from Boy Herb to Master Eric allowing Tricky Ricky to go AWOL for every City Council meeting jammed into the merry month of March, 2013!

Please read this self-same  municipal document below that allows  Eric to campaign uninterruptedly for Mayor Tuesdays, Wednesdays and  Fridays rather than  plopping his ass down in his  own Council Chamber seat  to  do his  extremely well paid duty and serve as an LA City Councilman!

Of course, Garcetti The  Younger, in  clear violation of the  Los Angeles City Charter, is still getting paid his  full salary of $180 thousand yearly  whether  or not he shows up at City Hall to do his damn job or not!

Wesson just loves to employ his “black sheep” son, Justin, to do all his Council dirty work for him!

Justin Wesson serves as one of Herb’s deputies despite the fact that his only qualification for the job is the DNA that he shares with Big Daddy Herb!

Justin will have a helluva time finding another  high-paying after this one job, considering that Herb’s Pride and Joy has an arrest record for drunk driving that is currently hanging  ominously over his head!

Later at the same Friday meeting, an attempted vote to banish John Walsh from the City Council meeting, ostensibly for being disruptive, failed miserably for lack of a second!

This attempt at banishment by Super-Lobbyist Harvey Englander’s little nephew Mitch failed miserably with zero support ….  Not even accomplishing its true objective of intimidation of the particular member of the Public speaking at the podium at that time … who, in reaction, insolently refused to cave into this City Council bullying tactic while bowing to all of the remaining LA City Council rules and regulations that are hamstringing Public Participation!

John Walsh





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