No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG is happy that our “Hillary Backs Greuel “story picked up Friday by LA Observed


Congratulations, Kevin and Mark, what a great idea  to pick up for yourselves  our website’s “Hillary To Endorse Wendy” exclusive which got whispered in our ear last Sunday at the USC-TIMES Book Festival!

You were apprised of Clinton’s hush-hush intentions that same day by virtue of your spot on our EMAIL BLAST list!

Then on Monday the good news of Hillary’s intercession was spread all over the place via JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL.WORDPRESS.COM

Ms. Clinton is more than fed up with the increasingly anti-feminist tone of Eric Garcetti’s campaign rhetoric to date! And the Former First Lady wants to put a stop to this sexual innuendo madness once and for all!

Hurricane Hillary set on a course to lay waste to Councilman Garcetti’s LA HQ!

The rest is silence till yesterday when LAO decided to lift the harshly-enforced embargo on bad news from the Garcetti Camp by his once upon a time allies at the LA TIMES!

Unlike other political blogs, we never demand credit for our scoops or act insulted when others spread our reporting all over their blogs. We are delighted to see the Hillary endorsement is currently  front and center at LAO  fully expect that the numerous copy-cat blogs that feed off LAO and received the exact same Email blast that you did (but were too intimidated to print the breaking news) will now eagerly spread the word of Tricky Ricky’s sad fate without feeling  in the least the heat of being the first to betray Councilman Garcetti by reporting  news that might hurt  the Mayoral candidate’s chance of winning the whole  City Hall enchilada !

Keep up the great work at LAO. We are currently working hard on a couple of scoops that Garcetti will abhor the second he learns all about them!  When and if the stories we have already broken subsequently appear at LAO, there is no need for anyone else to know that the hard news actually originated at hollywoodhighlands.org.

Thanks again!!!

John Walsh






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