No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Jan Perry is guaranteed the DWP General Manager’s job at $346 G’s in exchange for endorsing Garcetti for Mayor over Greuel!


Our rebel Website challenges each and every MSM L.A. Reporter to ask Eric face to face if he got Councilwoman Perry to endorse him by offering her a back room deal that would make her the latest face in a steady stream of LADWP General Managers!

Word is out! Jan Perry doesn’t come cheap.The Little Prince has dubbed Councilwoman Jan  as His New DWP Princess Perry!

GARCETTI-PERRY-NICOLS 02  Current DWP General Manager Ron Nichols is busy polishing his résumé while praying to Satan for Greuel to beat Garcetti; thus saving his job!

The passel of Times reporters covering the LA  Mayoral Candidate Wars  from their  Vermont Avenue battlefield  bunker HQ at the Braille Institute , are  proudly  parading with  their brand new snazzy pink and blue Lewinsky kneepads and  showing off their guide dogs on a leash!

MUM’s the word! LA Times slavishly obedient reporters must never ask embarrassing questions to Times-endorsed political candidates like the Little Prince!

Garcetti has decreed there will be no reporters’ questions asked of Jan Perry regarding her next job if Eric wins the Mayoral race.

If Eric loses, then there is a less exciting job offer awaiting ex-Councilwoman Perry from a new Toronto resident named Leiwecke.

Tim sez: “The Maple Leaf position is yours, Jan….provided you promise to learn shorthand!”

Garcetti didn’t buy Perry’s ass by the pound. Too expensive that way!

Garcetti acquired Perry’s political backside for a “lump sum”!

Ask her! Why don’t you?

John Walsh






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