No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Shame on LA Progressives! For joining Politically-Correct Racist Kevin James in Eric’s DWP Union-bashing!


The phony  West-Side Leftist Wolfpack on the rampage , assisted by Pretty Boy Crypto-Fascist “Mr. Kevin James”,with his “69” Councilmanic partner Prince Eric ,the Unkindly One, tearing  at Wendy Greuel’s luscious Feminist flesh in a  sexist fangs-bared frenzy,stoked by the  lying journalistic  anti-Union trash fed to the political garbage- eating Reporter/editors Hounds of Hell at the LA Times, transformed into an Anti-Woman Army of Holly Warriors devoted to tearing to shreds Wendy’s female will to win….leaving Eric Garcetti  and Kevin James to metaphorically  clutch and sodomize  each other while what’s left  of Ms. Greuel is burning at the stake …  and all this women- hating without so much as a peep out of our self- aggrandizing male  phony liberal leaders, most of whom are ever so solemnly pledged to ERIC GARCETTI’S RIGHT WING-BLESSED CANDIDACY!

The two of them, Ricky and The James Boy, plan to butcher and cook MS GREUL for tonight’s supper naming this new dish of theirs: “DWP BOILED MAYOR”.

“The DWP’s Mayor” is actually a compliment not a curse when coming from the Little Prince’s ever so royal lips!

Even the Anti-Union LA Times demonstrates below how incomparably better LADWP stands  as a major utility when  placed next to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, its Northern California counterpart , where today that horrific agency  got slapped with  a cool  $2.25 BILLION Fine for literally  destroying the City of San Bruno, leaving 8 people dead and many others mangled for life!

Anybody to the left of Kevin James who votes for Tricky Ricky Garcetti is defecating on their Progressive Bona Fides!  You stink!








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