No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Why is Garcetti shielding his own sister from public view the same way he’s shielding his own kid?


No! This picture below taken from Eric Garcetti’s sister’s Facebook is not exactly what it looks like: Eric Garcetti in drag!



Ms. Dana Garcetti is presently married to M.D. Glen Boldt, and lives in Santa Monica, making it impossible now for her to cast a ballot on behalf of her little bro!

Ms. Dana Garcetti-Boldt is the proud mother of twins, making Eric a double uncle!

Ms. Garcetti-Boldt resigned her last lawyer’s job! That position was working for the LA County Sheriff’s Department as an Office of Independent Review (OIR) lawyer. Now she advertises herself as a licensed acupuncturist in Santa Monica! What a bizarre transition!

No interest at the Times for pursuing this story! Why not?

Eric Garcetti’s (only?) sister steadfastly refuses to respond to any questions about her political brother. Are they estranged or what? GOOGLING the two of them together comes up dry!

Is the LA Times participating in a cover-up to avoid embarrassment for the candidate the Editor and Publisher over there so enthusiastically endorse for Mayor?





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