No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Garcetti’s Mayoral Defeat: Psychotic delusion turns to conventional wisdom inside of a week’s time!


Hey Maven!

The worst insult I could hurl at KPCC: “You’re beginning to sound a lot like JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL.COM!”

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Please read your own KPCC canny prediction posted today in cyber black and white:  “……Los Angeles is on the cusp of electing its first female mayor……” Huh?

A week ago referring to Ms. Greuel as being “on the cusp of victory” would have been un-thinkable. The Times was then referring to Wendy’s “Desperation”!

She was 9 points behind in the KABC poll with not much more than a month to go. All that “The Little Prince” had to do was to pick up one percentage point out of the 11% undecided and victory over Greuel would be in the palm of his hand!

Then Bill (GAME CHANGER) Clinton came to town to make a Wendy G. commercial and the rest is History!

Tricky Ricky was so confident that he was putting the finishing touches on the final draft of his May 21 victory address!

Then shit happened … as predicted only by JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL.COM

The “Cusp of Victory” quote in question was just lifted off your own KPCC website!!!

It all goes to show: “He or she who smirks last smirks best”!

Eric has turned himself into a rat caught in a trap chewing its own leg off in a panic to escape!

Even Steve Lopez at the Times is ridiculing Mr. “In-It-For-Himself”!





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