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Subject: Fwd: You have been Unsubscribed!

THE LA TIMES has just retaliated against hollywoodddems@gmail.com  for exercising the First Amendment Right of Free “Internet” Speech connected to publicizing Hollywood crime stats on our own growing political website:  jwalshconfidential.wordpress.com. Our thought-crime was using information on our website concerning the ongoing Hollywood Rape Spree that we obtained as E-subscribers to the LA Times-owned CRIMEMAPPING.COM.

The high Hollywood crime statistics found on CrimeMapping.com contradict LA mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti’s recent statements regarding reduced Hollywood Crime stats! Thus, creating an election issue that has caused much political embarrassment to Garcetti, who is the Times-endorsed Mayoral candidate.

That supplies a great deal of the ample motivation behind the LA Times’ previously unheard of blacklisting action against us that amounts to booting me out as a Crime-Mapping.com  E-subscriber for strictly partisan political reasons.

This denial of information readily available to thousands of other CrimeMapping.com E-subscribers is intolerable and I wish to pursue legal action to right this wrong immediately by contesting this cyber-blacklisting in court and elsewhere in the realm of Public Opinion!

The Tribune Corp. has unilaterally rendered our website: “Unsubscribed” as some sort of underhanded punishment for the exercising of Free Speech!

CRIMEMAPPING.COM  is owned by the LA TIMES. Those higher-ups at the Los Angeles Times who have proven themselves to be enemies of Constitutionally-guaranteed Free Speech  and are directly responsible for my blacklisting  currently remain anonymous…but not for too much longer!

Has anyone else been banned from an American newspaper’s E- subscription website for using public information readily obtainable if you are a subscriber to that same newspaper’s website? That’s highly doubtful!

I have never heard of such a thing? Have you?

Who gave the order to blacklist me? Times Editor Davan Maharaj and Publisher Eddy Hartensein are the ones ultimately responsible for this sad attempt at gross intimidation!

What is my legal recourse? This is an Orwellian-type scenario!

I resolutely plan to get my name off this LA Times hidden Cyber- Blacklist of theirs through aggressive legal action, if necessary! No matter how costly!

John Walsh



Below (and above) is the Email received yesterday:

From:CrimeMapping.com” <do-not-reply@crimemapping.com>

Date: May 14, 2013, 9:04:11 PM PDT
To: hollywooddems@gmail.com
Subject: You have been Unsubscribed!


Thank You for Using Our Service!
Your email has been removed from our system and you should not receive any more information from us.
The CrimeMapping.com Team
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