No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Was Gil Garcetti drunk when he stumbled on&off the Glory Church stage to speak after services?



Tongues are wagging all over town this evening! What was that all about? You embarrassed yourself, Gil, and by extension your son who is running for LA Mayor!

Were you “on something” This Sunday morning at Glory Church of Jesus Christ, AKA the former Grand Olympic Auditorium?

Or did witnessing your nemesis OJ Simpson in a trial setting on television un-hinge you a bit?

An LA Times letter written by eyewitness and Korean churchgoer, Ms. Hae Hong demanding an explanation is already on the Times website for anyone to download!

In any case, your behavior was somewhat bizarre in front of more than a thousand churchgoers at “the mega-church for Korean souls” as it’s popularly referred to!  Eric has spoken there many times!

You and your son better apologize pronto to the entire Korean Community for the sake of damage control, or else suffer the consequences Tuesday at the polls in Asian American neighborhoods.
Word is out! This not an East LA thing! Or a Valley thing! Or a South LA thing! Or a Westside LA thing! This is a Koreatown thing!  Get used to it!

For decency sake, we won’t repeat any of the rumors circulating about your state of mind, Mr. Gil Garcetti, as Hope Church security tried to usher you off stage without your causing a commotion!

Good luck on Tuesday. Both of you are really going to need it!


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