No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Tricky Ricky creams Little Wendy’s Election Night ass! Who are the biggest losers besides Greuel?


The LA Times last minute front page headline prediction that the Mayoral race was so  close that there would be a two week delay before anybody knew who the next Mayor would be was way, way, way off-course!

For the record, Greuel formally conceded to The Little Prince In a very brief phone call made slightly before 2 AM Weds morning. In other words, contrary to the Times inside dope, we all knew who won the Mayoral Election about 6 hours after the polls had closed!

The two biggest losers were Bill & Hillary. The voters in LA, now arguably the most liberal city in America, rejected the Clinton’s endorsement in a mini-landslide for Eric!

Bill shouldered the Greuel endorsement for Hillary and himself including working the robo-phones to no damn avail … and was paid the generous sum of $100,000. The dough was extra-legally laundered through the Former First Couple’s various non- profits.

This public embarrassment means that Bill and Hillary will never again be able to command a handsome six-figure sum for endorsing a future ambitious politician with deep pockets!
The next big loser is NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg who once again got his billionaire butt handed to him on a silver-plated platter while painfully trying to bail out the sinking charter school movement in LA.

Bloomberg threw good money after bad when he sank $ 350,000 out of his own enormous wallet into defeating a nobody school board candidate named Monica Ratliff, who shocked all the PC Pundits by emerging with a clear and credible victory on Election Day over a stiff proponent named Sanchez who had the gold-plated advantage of a couple of million bucks bestowed on him out of the Charter School Mammoth Cash Register!

After  the above loser comes another Big City Mayor named Antonio who stood around watching the Mayoral race ,in rare for Hizzoner semi-silence , with his left hand middle finger planted firmly up his own (not Lu Parker’s )  ass!

An unaccustomed timid  Villaraigossa decided not to endorse  either one because he was too unsure who was going to win and was afraid of making another life-long enemy  out of his July First Mayoral successor.

The soon to be ex-Mayor of LA so far has been woefully unsuccessful in finding a new very high-paying job for himself. What a shame? Even that quasi-secret trip to the far-off United Arab Emirates in search of a high paying job drew a blank!

Had Mayor Antonio thrown caution to the winds and recently endorsed Gil Garcetti’s only son a very lucrative position with a six-figure salary would have promptly been found for him to fill!  No Dice!

One more Big Loser is Maria Elena Durazo, who got her job as LA’s top labor leader when her husband died of a heart attack while on a South LA store front massage table being jerked off by an Aztec medicine woman.

Ms. Maria Elena Duh-Zero was the Kiss of Death for any candidate she backed this time around, most notably soon-to-be-totally forgotten pol, Mr. John Choi!

Ms. Maria readily managed to make this Korean candidate appear sleazy. No mean feat when going after a squeaky clean Asian- American!

The rumor that Dame Durazo had to be pulled to safety when she tried jumping off the City Hall roof Election Night is false. It was only a second story window she seriously considered jumping out of when she took a good look  round midnight at the  pathetic number of votes the candidates she  had financially backed were  attracting!

This Greatest Losers’ list is not yet complete. More fresh dirt shall be reported here soon!





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