No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh



Mr . Mailander:

Your blog is always well-worth reading.  Several questions immediately present themselves …

What’s the story behind this odd photo that I first became aware of through your blog?

How did you obtain it?  What’s the big goddam joke anyway that is so titillating to Mayor-Elect Eric and his surrounding Pretty Boys?

When was this photo taken? How much was the photographer, the Venice blogger, Ms. Marta Evry, paid to take it? After Ms. Evry endorsed Eric publicly, was she rewarded   with a nice campaign payroll job as photographer?

Can you identify any of the young hot-looking male numbers in business suits surrounding the Little Prince? Who are the trolls in blue baseball caps flanking Eric? Where’s the gender-balance in this picture? Whatever happened to political correctness? Is Garcetti PC/ PC –“Politically Correct when Politically Convenient”!

Does the lady in the tight dress really enjoy having her ass groped in public?

Who is she? Who is the overweight bald guy with his face buried between her breasts? Was she paid to pose this way? Or is she simply another minority woman being accosted by a random middle-aged white-guy at Union Station in front of dozens of witnesses who aren’t coming to her rescue?

Isn’t sexual behavior like this considered sexist anymore since Tricky Ricky got elected?

Is it no longer against the law to perform such sexual molestation on a woman in a public venue?  Why are Eric and his all-male harem of advisors laughing? Can the rest of us please be let in on the joke?

Mr. Mailander, you must have considered this particular photo significant or else you wouldn’t have posted it on your estimable website, right?

Any clues?

Can you supply a few answers to the above queries? Thank you!





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