No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Book signing June 4 for “The Vicodin Thieves”


Happy Springtime, everybody!

It’s that time of year for graduations, summer plans, composting, deep space exploration … you fill in the blank. But it’s also my time to humbly invite you to a signing/reading for my latest book, The Vicodion Thieves: Biopsying L.A.’s Grifters, Gloryhounds and Goliaths, a collection of my best feature and investigative articles penned since I got into the oh-so-stable newspaper world in 1990 as a pup reporter interested in just about everything. For those who turn out, I’ll work my tush off to make it worth your while with anecdotes about some of my oddest encounters, discussion of the two original stories I crafted for this work, and hopefully a few surprises. The event will be at home away from home, Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, on Tuesday, June 4 @ 7 PM. Details here

Expanded book description: “In this stories collection 23-years-in-the-making, you’ll find 29 articles on a sumptuous basket of subjects originally published in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Los Angeles Daily News, L.A. Weekly and other publications. Hold on for the unexpected and the maddening, the heartbreaking and the mystifying. The feature, investigative and opinion pieces here by Chip Jacobs range from Tommy Koulax’s litigious, chili-cheese hamburger empire, Lockheed’s super-secret Skunk Works defense plant and the deadly, 1913-accident during construction of Pasadena’s famous Colorado Street Bridge, to the hazy, first casualty of Operation Desert Storm, chromium-6 pollution outrages, violent bus drivers and profiles of Southern California political heavyweights Richard Riordan, Danny Bakewell and Richard Alatorre, among others. Vicodon Thieves, which draws its name from a Los Angeles Times feature about pharmaceutical burglars who prey on medicine cabinets at real estate open houses, also includes expanded articles about a high-flying, smog-emissions broker who fell in with shadowy, ex-CIA and military-intelligence operatives bent to “repatriate” forgotten U.S. government aid from around the globe, and the unsolved, execution-style murder of one of suburbia’s most electrifying young mayors blocks from his childhood home. Two new stories grace this compendium, as well. One explores the prodigal life of an early, Universal Pictures director (the author’s great uncle, Nat Ross) gunned down in 1941 by a sociopathic drifter, who’d die in the San Quentin Gas Chamber for his crime. A pair of photographs of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., likely captured hours before he was assassinated in the kitchen of Los Angeles’ old Ambassador Hotel, inspires another original narrative. Few outside of the most ardent of Kennedyphiles probably realize how close RFK came to not being there the night America’s trajectory changed forever, or the cursed, Hollywood enmeshment to his final days.”

Those who can’t make it (better have a damn good excuse, and won’t know why we titled it The Vicodin Thieves) but can still purchase the book from a local L.A. bookstore or online, including from the links below.

Published by Rare Bird Books  / Amazon.com  /  Barnes & Noble

Hope to see you next Tuesday and, most importantly, that you’re happy and well.



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