No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

CrimeMapping.com Report Below: 23 Hollywood crimes reported. Read it and Weep!


Click for PDF: CRIME MAPPING ALERT- 23 New Crimes

Hollywood Patch continues to ignore the crime wave erupting here. For shame!

Below please find CrimeMapping.com‘s Daily Report for 5/30/13 sent to our website this morning, disclosing the 23 most recent crimes in a non-consecutive 4 days period committed within a two mile radius of the Capitol Records Tower!

Quite a list! And one just as alarming will appear tomorrow!

(Pickpocket/pick purse on the loose is a new wrinkle for Hollywood!)

Speaking now to the other editors and reporters who will be sent this same email plea for Hollywood Crime Wave news exposure in the mainstream media, please be aware that our website has been emailing Hollywood Crime Stats to Patch Editor Ms. Bangui for almost two years now without a single return email from her! Or anyone else at the Patch Family for that matter, including Ms. Adrianna Huffington herself!

The LAPD’s only reaction was to pressure the Hollywood Patch to cancel the weekly thumbnail   rundown of crimes committed in the LAPD Hollywood Division that Patch had been running for some time!

Added pressure from Garcetti’s office was applied to Patch to kill its statistical crime coverage! Congratulations to The Garcetti Hollywood office for successfully pressuring Patch to excise all Weekly Crime Stats from this cyber-rag of yours to avoid any embarrassment to Candidate Eric during his successfully completed Mayoral race.  Bravo!

You may recall that Candidate Greuel called out Garcetti on the burgeoning Hollywood Rape numbers accusing him of lack of interest in the matter! Hollywood Patch, of course, did not cover this burning controversy.

(See the LA Weekly Informer Blog for Dennis Romero’s excellent coverage of the Greuel/Garcetti Hollywood rape stats confrontation!)

We dare you, Ms. Bangui, to return the Weekly Crime Stats to the Main page of Hollywood Patch!

CRIMEMAPPING.COM  illegally booted us off its daily email crime statistics list because of the Big Stink we have been making about the failure of LAPD to issue an official Rape Alert for Hollywood!

We are back now “in disguise” receiving Crimemapping.com emails unless someone receiving this email like Patch Editor Ms. Bangui rats us out to the Hollywood Division Cops!

Hollywood Crime is not down by two-thirds as Garcetti falsely states! Contact Reporter Ben Welsh at the LA TIMES to confirm the stats found here above and below!

Over the past 6 months, Hollywood ranks fifth in the number of violent crimes committed in the 209 neighborhoods that comprise Los Angeles County, according to LAPD’s Crime-Mapping.com and the LA Times own numbers-crunchers!

Please note that the neighborhood of East Compton has fewer violent crimes per capita than Hollywood.

Hollywood Patch Editor Bangui, all you have to do is simply tell us to stop pestering you with Emails like this informing you of the growing Hollywood incidence of forcible rape and other horribly violent crimes; then your name will be promptly deleted from our e-list!

(Incidentally, no reporter has ever asked to be deleted from the HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.COM EMAIL list.) You wanna be the first? Feel free, Ms. Bangui!

Are you a prime example of the new breed of news-resistant reporter? Just asking!

To those of you who un-questioningly believe Mayor-Elect Garcetti’s assertion that violent crime has plummeted in Tinseltown … by two-thirds no less!  Try walking bravely all by your lonesome after dark on the crime-ridden streets of Hollyweird!

By the way, Ms. Bangui, you –and any other crime reporter– are invited to a weekend walking tour of post-midnight Hollywood, arranged at your convenience, to visit the freshest local rape and other violent crime sites … Sorry, no LAPD protection provided!


John Walsh







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