No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh


EXTRA EXTRA 02LA Times is exploring the use of “Sponsored content” to brainwash readers into buying Fiat/Nissan/Honda electric cars! Here’s the front page evidence! 

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Underground “Sponsored Content” invades Los Angeles Times Front Page on July First …

Obey The LA Times Subliminal Command: Buy a Foreign Electric Auto Today!

Los Angeles Times Readers are so blissfully unaware that they are at the mercy of front page hidden persuaders designed to make us feel like buying a foreign electric auto … very specifically a Fiat, Honda or Nissan electric car!

George Orwell’s Big Brother has surreptitiously taken over the role of The Los Angeles Times new Editor-In Chief, supplanting Mr. Davan Maharaj!

Is The LA Times being paid large sums of hidden money by foreign automakers to engage in a full throttle front page subliminally- compromised campaign to unconsciously sucker unsuspecting readers into feeling an awful lot like purchasing a brand new Electric Car from Fiat, Honda, or Nissan?

The LA Times readers are being turned into unwitting guinea pigs in this clandestine acid test of the effectiveness of “sponsored media” to hoodwink readers  into plunking down the huge  currency necessary for ownership of an electric car from a Japanese or Italian car manufacturer through the use of these hidden front page  messages known as “Sponsored Content” reminders!

Why do most Media Watchdogs remain drowsing in their doghouses? 

Rest assured, HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG  is hot on the trail…investigating The Case of The Times Phony Front Page Headline! (A second email contains actual portions of the under-fire LA Times ersatz electric car “story”!)

How can we ,the  Times readers, tell the difference now between  legitimate news stories and  the false advertisements camouflaged as news stories intended to  stealthily dominate our consumer purchasing decisions that  might continue cropping up as  planted “news” on the  once widely-respected LA Times front-page!

One sarcastic suggestion offered:  Subscribers can spread a copy of the Los Angeles Times on the kitchen table and then use a Dowser’s Rod floating over its pages in order to detect hidden “sponsored content”!

Mr.Brian Thevenot ,is that big story with your name attached on the front page  of the Los Angeles Times regarding electric cars (6-1-13) genuine news or simply a “sponsored content” concoction of your own making ,counter-intuitively  designed to  deceive  Times subscribers into believing that  everything readable is indeed hard news at  your paper!

How much was the LA Times paid to run this super-sad Front Page example of “sponsored content” infection … And who signed the check?

This whole matter is quite insidious! Don’t you agree, Mr. Business Editor, Brian Thevenot!

Don’t worry about outraged internal complaints from inside your Spring Street Headquarters!

Every Times reporter and editor has turned into a wimp, much too intimidated about losing his or her already-threatened job to make a peep about this scary journalistic atrocity!

Henceforth, how can anyone  discern,for example, whether an ostensible LAT news story that might be favorable to our new mayor is or isn’t  contaminated  with  “sponsored content” , printed  by The Los Angeles  Times as hard news but really part of a financial deal with that self-same Multi-Millionaire Mayor named Eric Garcetti?

Mr. Thevenot,  that’s just one example of the  head-on  bloody ethics collisions that The LA Times is fated to be involved in if we the  Times readers allow you to continue racing down The Road to Journalistic Perdition!

For the record, are you by any chance that very same Brian Thevenot who is the Automotive Editor on the Business Desk of the Los Angeles Times?

Upon close inspection, your “PRICE WAR” headline is much larger than any of the other Times Front Page headlines for this Saturday!  Your headline typeface, in addition, originates from a font that’s slightly different from anything else on the Los Angeles Times Front Page of June The First 2013!

Your news story is alas bogus! Your true intention is to “hypnotize” unsuspecting readers into buying an electric car from one of your covert financial sponsors!

The sub-headline somebody slapped on your Times Electric Car story asks: “Is one right for you?”  This “newsflash” of your own devious making looks a lot like a disguised mind-control-poisoned commercial message gone awry!

Proof? Three of the five photos on the front page of the Saturday the First of June LAT’s Front Page are of gorgeous new Fiat, Honda, and Nissan electric cars! Explain that!

Coincidence! Or is the Times of Los Angeles engaging in a subliminal puff/pitch project paid for by your trio of off-shore automakers to coax LAT’s readers into mindlessly shelling out big bucks for a Fiat 500 or a Honda FIT EV or a Nissan Leaf!

Does either The Los Angeles Times Publisher Mr. Eddy Hartenstein or Editor-In-Chief Mr. Davan Maharaj care to defend their oh-so clever creation of sham news items to bolster Tribune corporate profits?

Consult your attorneys regarding your right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination here!

Mr. Brian Thevenot , we hope to hear from you soon to find out in which direction you will turn in any vain attempt to protect your fading journalistic credentials!

Are your superiors at the Times prepared to work behind your back to turn you into a scapegoat, Mr. Thevenot? Do you trust your bosses when times at The Times get rough?

Finally, our websites, accompanied by any others deciding to sniff out this journalistically sordid affair with us, have the right to construe any silence of yours as a “yes” answer to the above painfully embarrassing questions!

John Walsh





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