No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Reyes & Wesson rip Councilman-Elect Gil Cedillo a new asshole today at City Council meeting!

REYES-Wesson 01

What a spectacle to behold this morning!

State Senator Gil Cedillo, no less, speaking humbly under Public Comment on Agenda Item #12 at City Hall Council Chambers … just like a commoner, for Chris’ sakes!

And Gil got treated every bit as rudely as President Herb Wesson treats the rest of us public speakers at each  and every City Council meeting!

Cedillo turned hopping mad!!!The guy he’s replacing in less than 4 weeks pulled a fast one on him!

Outgoing Council member Ed Reyes twisted  enough arms to get the City bureaucracy to hand over and rush through the acquisition of a prize piece of City-owned real-estate to KIA in his very soon to-be-former First Councilmanic district … for chump change in an underground bargain that included some generous campaign contributions from KIA to Reyes staffer Jose Gardea, who was ultimately unsuccessful in trying to whip Gil Cedillo’s butt to take-over the City Council chair belonging to his soon-to-be former employer  (as well as soon-to-be- former LA City Council member) Ed Reyes!

Senator Cedillo pleaded with the incumbent City Council members speaking from the City  Hall public lectern to postpone this highly  inflammatory vote until next month when Gil takes  over the office that he won handily  in last  month’s election.

No Dice!

So City Council spit in Gil’s eye. (The last name for this Gil hereis Cedillo; not Garcetti!)

There was close to Half a Million Bucks at stake in this( backroom?) bargain deal ; with only Alarcon doing  the right thing by voting no!

Richard refused to pile on for the gang rape of State Senator Gil Cedillo. But Cedillo’s rapists at the horseshoe will transform themselves into his oh-so friendly council member colleagues 27 days from now when Cedillo is duly sworn in as District One City Councilman on The First of July!

However, Gil Cedillo has a long, long, long memory.

You’ll eventually find that out, El Presidente Wesson, along with your jailbird employee/ son, Justin Wesson!!!

For the record, Councilman-Cedillo doesn’t have a son or daughter with a criminal record!

John Walsh





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