No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Mayor bails out on own party shortly after 8 PM leaving Guest of Honor Don Pepe un-introduced!

Tony V 06-1

Mayor Villaraigosa bails out on his own farewell party to avoid further embarrassment shortly after 8 PM … leaving no one to introduce the evening’s guest of honor Don Pepe direct from Zacatecas!

Practically no media here right now! At this juncture, there are almost as many security officers as
Villaraigosa Party attendees in Grand Park, including about a dozen Highway Patrol officers strolling around far from their vehicles or a freeway! Your tax dollars at work!

Finally at 9 PM after a mad scramble, City Councilman Jose Huizar was found to do the on stage introduction honors for Don Pepe in the absence of Mayor Antonio!

A sadly botched ending to a super ill-fated day all over old Los Angeles!

Don Pepe is right now giving a great performance in front of 300 or so die-hard straggler fans at the steps of Los Angeles City Hall!

So … How about another farewell party for Mayor Antonio before the end of the month to replace this one which was spoiled by that damn serial killer in Santa Monica? Some are asking if the killer went on that spree deliberately to spite Mayor Antonio?





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