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UPDATE: Who besides Senator Calderon is the FBI investigating? One answer is Rocky Rushing! Has the Mainstream Media granted this gentleman a pass from scrutiny?

FBI 01

At the storm center of this growing scandal cringes potential scapegoat Rocky Rushing, Chief Deputy to Sen. Calderon and former Los Angeles Daily News “Crackerjack” Reporter!

Who besides Senator Calderon is the FBI investigating? One answer is Rocky Rushing! Has the Mainstream Media granted this ever-so-slick gentleman a pass from journalistic scrutiny because he was once one of their own? 

Who the hell is this guy anyway?  Read below to find out!

Rocky Rushing has his fingers crossed that fellow news reporters  in the mainstream media won’t contact him and start asking a few embarrassing  questions about why Chief Deputy Rushing  has accepted high-priced gifts  that Senator Calderon time and time again advised his own  well-heeled benefactors to generously bestow on Rocky R.

The Number One suspect who is successfully deflecting media attention from himself is Mr. Rocky Rushing!

He was the long- standing Chief Sacramento Deputy of Ex-State Senator (& Ex-Husband of Jane Fonda as well) Mr. Tom Hayden!

Now years later, Mr. Rushing finds himself in the unenviable position of being an FBI Investigative target by virtue of his current job and past record as Senator Calderon’s chief Deputy, and perhaps, accomplice!

Return those expensive gifts right away, Rocky, or your next forwarding mail address might be San Quentin. Heaven forbid!

At the center of this whole sick enfolding scandal  proudly stands potential scapegoat Rocky Rushing, currently Chief Deputy to State Senator Ron Calderon, who has taken thousands of dollars worth of personal gifts (AKA Swag!) from those doing business with the State of California as well as “doing business” with Rocky’s Big, Big Boss Calderon!

A while ago, Rocky Rushing was Tom Hayden’s chief deputy in the Assembly and later in the Senate. That’s when I got to know knew him fairly well when we were both battling the construction of LA Mayor Tom Bradley’s Redline Subway. Senator Hayden was probing the fallout from that notorious subway tunnel sinkhole located in Hollywood!

Now Rocky arouses legitimate suspicions of being every bit as quasi-crooked as his boss at the moment, Ron Calderon!

Crooked as hell… the both of them? We shall see!

Official Records show that Calderon’s Chief Deputy Rocky Rushing has recently taken $5,000 in gifts “bending” to Boss Ron Calderon’s vocal recommendations!

Let’s get real! Was R. Rushing the bagman between Calderon and those seeking State Senatorial favors?

Rushing is on record as having enjoyed a very expensive dinner paid for (as a treat?) by the Viejas Tribe where presumably the main topic of conversation was what Calderon might do for the Tribe!

If Mark Geragos chooses to do so, this famed Celebrity Criminal Attorney can easily paint Rocky Rushing as the fall guy in this quite nasty mess! Is Calderon & Company set to play a game of” Pin the Tail on The Jackass”?

The FBI is investigating Rushing as intently as the FBI is hot on the trail of Rushing’s boss! Aren’t they twin targets of a heavy duty Federal Criminal Probe that’s rocked the media as heavily as any State Corruption  Scandal since Sacto-Shrimp-Gate three decades ago?

So … Has Rocky decided to hire his own criminal attorney to protect himself?  There’s no evidence of that! Instead Rushing is naively relying on his “trustworthy” boss to protect him from a Federal indictment!

Hiring a private attorney to defend his own interests is the very smartest move Rocky Rushing could make now!

Rushing really needs a criminal mouthpiece immediately every bit as much as Ron Calderon the Accused does!

Why not contact ex-State Senator Tom Hayden for background on Rocky and a reaction to this surprising turn of events from Tom himself!

“Something’s gotta give! Something’s gotta give! Something’s gotta give!”As the old song goes!

Will Rocky Rushing turn canary and start ratting out everybody else to protect his own butt?

Stay tuned!!!

John Walsh








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