No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Will Channel 35 televise the Bill Rosendahl “fruitcake” or will it be censored as “Hate Speech”?

Bill Rosendahl 01

Los Angeles Gay Community is up in arms over plans to televise on the City Channel 35 a very special Bill Rosendahl celebration by some of his fans and critics alike at this Friday’s City Council meeting’s Public Comment Period, honoring (the departing at the end of June) Gay member with a scrumptious FRUITCAKE for all in attendance to devour free of charge!

JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL.WORDPRESS.COM advises the Gay Community to lighten up a bit! Nobody in attendance at the Van Nuys City Hall City Council Meeting starting at 10 AM this Friday will be forced to eat a mouth-watering piece if he or she doesn’t feel like it!

The cake is due to  be televised numerous times  slice-by-slice beginning at 10 AM on the official LA  City Council  Channel; unless, of course, the LA City Council chooses the course of  censorship by blocking out this televised image, which is always part of the regular City Council meeting!

John Walsh





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