No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

LA NEWS GROUP (LANG) freely spreads racist filth on its website smearing Mayor Villaraigosa!


Severe critics of LA Mayor Villaraigosa unite to fight indefensible hate speech directed against Hizzoner!

LA NEWS GROUP (LANG) freely spreads racist filth on its website smearing Mayor Villaraigosa!

ATTENTION: Mr. William Dean Singleton, CEO Media News Group

Kindly check out this anonymous” racist post below discovered on your website under the pseudonym of “rcbanker”.

Does this sick message from the fictitious “rcbanker” actually represent what you, the Daily News White Multi-Millionaire Republican owner, really think of Mayor Villaraigosa but are reticent to communicate directly to your newspaper and Internet readers?

Newspaper Mogul Singleton, please inform us of the true identity of “rcbanker” by making known the email address of the bigotry-obsessed sender in question! Thank you.

Why has the Daily News allowed this hate-mongering e-message which could inspire a physical attack on some Latino to remain on its website for at least the past 10 hours?

Take it down now!

Refusal to respond to this email constitutes clear proof that you, LANG Owner William Dean Singleton, are indeed soft on virulent racism toward Hispanic elected leaders!





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