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Mayor V.skulks away from City Hall stage after his Block Party Mega-Fizzle leaves him speechless!


Mayor V. skulks away stealthily from City Hall stage after his vaunted Block Party Mega-Fizzles leaves him practically speechless!

Post-Mortem on the Mayor’s “TITANIC”-Style Block Park: Too bad Zawahiri didn’t attend unarmed instead of hanging out in Santa Monica…it would have been a life-saver! The Mayor’s open-air Ego-Trip ends up sinking and stinking up the place!

Take this quote and shove it! … : 

“… an event that will bring together thousands of Angelenos for a memorable night in our memorable park…” Sez a well- compensated Mayoral Toady at the obscure “Streetsblog” who needs to wipe off his chin already! I was there … Real-Time Blogging on the scene at (Hardly) Grand Park where practically nothing was happening on or off stage except

Antonio’s VIP guests-of-dishonor huddled for warmth  off to the side in the chill night air, behind a recently-erected heavy chain-link City Hall fence … stuffing their gluttonous  mouths with free food paid for by you and I ,the L.A. City taxpayers while the “peons” felt like “peeing on” them!

Even Stevie Wonder could plainly see with his own two eyes that the Mayor’s Much Ballyhooed Block Party was sputtering out before the adulatory festivities had hardly commenced!

This was the latest in a long string of nasty disappointments for Hizzoner.

The big disappointment last month was a nobody LAUSD  teacher sporting a white girl name –like Monica Ratliff–without a dime’s worth of  campaign money support from her wicked  UTLA Union bosses , whipped the oh-so politically-correct butt of the Mayor’s handpicked Latino LAUSD School Board candidate Senor Antonio Sanchez …after lots more than  a cool million was spent trying to get such a born-again  “also-ran”–as well as Apple of Mayor Antonio’s eye –voted into office ( including a $350,000  king-size  wager confidently placed on the  “media  favorite” head  of Pretty Boy Sanchez by none other than the  Head Worm in the Big  Apple: His Honor, The Mayor  of NYC … who  quietly  lives three thousand miles or more from the nearest LAUSD school)!

From now on MYOB, Mr. Lame Duck Bloomberg!!!

Head Blogmaster in charge, Mr. Damien Newton, responsible for the silly quote on top, didn’t you egregiously over-estimate the size of that hardly enthusiastic crowd?

Not very many opera fans among the desperate-to-do-something-on-Friday-Night thrill-seekers in attendance as Placido Domingo woefully found out fast when he opened his big mouth to sing an aria in honor of Villaraigosa … and the sparse crowd promptly yawned and fell fast asleep on their feet!

Hey Newton the Nobody, The Block Party head count featured on your  somewhat obscure  blog is way, way, way-off  because you vastly inflated  the numbers in an effort ,as always, to curry favor with Mayor “Big Shot” Antonio and maybe get a cash bonus from your National Streetbloggin’ Big Bosses!

The Grand Park Friday Party-Central rank and file at its peak added up to no more than a meager 500 souls tops…scattered throughout the not-so-Grand Park that day passing into a pretty solitary poorly-lighted Friday evening in this spankin’ new LA County-owned plastic park of ours!

Only Musical Super-Star Don Pepe at the very end of the proceedings succeeded in squeezing some genuine enthusiasm out of the listless micro-throng!

After Senor Aguilar’s  rousing set at  around 10PM ,the Lame Duck Mayor( soon to be a cooked goose this July 1st)  drifted back onto the City Hall Steps Stage from wherever he’d been keeping himself (in and out) occupied  for most of the night to  deliver a  half-hearted adios to the handful of  stragglers who had already turned their uncaring backs on Mayor Villaraigosa as they hurriedly headed  toward whatever serves as  the nearest  Grand Park exit!

The LAPD was asked politely not to venture a crowd size estimate in order to save the Mayor from further embarrassment regarding how weak an audience draw he has gradually turned into!

Responding obediently to the Mayor’s wishes, an estimate of the super-thin crowd’s size was notably missing  from the LA Times and Los Angeles Daily News  highly-mediocre coverage of the Mayor’s proud little debacle!

Our website’s crowd size estimation includes the especially-invited VIP  group where insider scumsucks like “The Streetsblog  Delegation” got to watch the  paralyzingly  tedious event  in royal comfort while being treated to  an expensive “All You Can Eat”  pig-out buffet that was made available only to The  Mayor’s  Blessed Assembly of  Kiss-Ass Municipal Dukes and Duchesses!

Please no commoners allowed in the VIP Section” was Antonio’s Order of the Day!

The turnout was pretty damn pathetic alright! That was due in large part to the fallout from the SMC shoot-out that kept most sane folks at home who might have likely travelled Downtown Friday; instead most everybody wisely remained glued to their TVs sadly watching the final Act of the SMC tragedy enfold!

Throughout the 5-hour plus nearly-never-ending maxi-marathon aka “The Mayor’s Blockhead Party”, there were no condolences extended to the victims of , or as little as a brief mention relating to, the  horrifying mini-massacre in the far-off fabled City of SM, by any speaker on at the microphone;  in fact, the mood  on stage was as if the tragedy had never happened and would never be allowed to spoil Hizzoner’s Fun and Games!

So … this past Fatal Friday Villaraigosa and anyone else standing at the podium hastily built on City Hall Steps stood forever mute and frozen-faced in reaction to the SMC attack!

Like the Mayor says about himself all the time:  “I live in a bubble.”

For those with a long history in LA and a good memory to match, you may recall a similar event in 1986 when Mayor Bradley threw a City Hall-Centered Party called “Street Scene” for himself and all other LA residents that included that very same Mr. Stevie Wonder performing at the identical spot as this Friday for a crowd that the Press estimated at the time as ranging from 100 to 200 thousand happy attendees!

Therefore…Who is/was the more popular mayor? Tom or Antonio!

Adios, Señor Alcalde, finalmente!

John Walsh





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