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LA Mayor&other MTA Board members refuse to lay wreath at 7-11 Memorial site of dead bus driver

MTA Bus Accident 02LA Mayor & other MTA Board members refuse to lay a wreath at 7-11 Memorial site of dead bus driver?

Why? Because the same local politicians are in bed (thru hefty campaign contributions monitored by the La Ethics Commission) together with the sleaziest elements of the  tow truck industry … which  in the final analysis  is The True Killer of the Mangled-to-Death behind  her  MTA bus steering wheel, Ms. Olivia Gamboa! Here below is the first installment of our investigative report!

LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and his fellow MTA Board Members persist in refusing to join mourners in laying a funeral wreath at the 7-11 Memorial Site  in front of the convenience  store whose counterman was also injured in the crash at the corner of Fifth Street and Broadway that resulted in the death and the near decapitation of esteemed longtime MTA bus operator ,Olivia Gamboa, 47, who was killed by a speeding tow truck operator in a horrific  street collision caused ultimately by the City of LA’ s  continuing refusal to crackdown on  the illegal downtown tow truck operators!

If you’d like to know why the LA Tow Trucking Industry gets away with murder…literally, please check out the L.A. Ethics Commission’s records of these companies super “generous” contributions to local politicians dating back decades!

All relevant details concerning the accused tow truck driver and the actual towing company he is tied to are being withheld from the news media by MTA for reasons that the LA County Transit behemoth steadfastly refuses to divulge!

MTA’s immediate concern is to limit the transportation agency’s financial liability when this thoroughly discredited Board of callous politicians is inevitably sued for wrongful death by the late Ms. Olivia Gamboa’s family; which includes her husband and daughter who are both currently MTA bus operator/drivers, too!

The trio of huge, strikingly-beautiful memorial wreaths found at the moment in front of the 7/11  Store which was the  scene of the “accident” were NOT placed there  by MTA, as some MTA  mouthpieces are trying to get you to believe!

This inspiring memorial to MTA “slain” bus operator victim Olivia Gamboa is solely the inspiration of the extremely well-liked owner of this excellent Community-minded Downtown 7-11 Store!

The next MTA board meetings will be on the committee-level starting next Wednesday at which time United Riders of Los Angeles (URLA) fully intends to grill face to face the very closed-mouthed MTA Board members during the official Public Comment portion of the upcoming meetings regarding crucial information withheld concerning the tow truck driver’s background and who the accused speeding tow truck operator is in reality employed by!


John Walsh







MTA Bus Accident 02


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