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FBI Target Sen.Calderon Hires LA Mouthpiece Shepard Kopp, offspring of Ret.Judge Quentin Kopp



The FBI is taking big bites out of the ankles of the Brothers Calderon so Tom Calderon Is retaining Slick LA Mouthpiece Shepard Kopp, Son of Ret. Judge Quentin Kopp … Raising So Many Questions of Ethics!

See Shepard “mugshot” beneath!

Is the esteemed Quentin Kopp after a long, distinguished political/judicial career up there in the Bay Area now quietly advising his Number One Son Shepard (for pay or not) on how to wriggle client “Tommy Boy”Calderon off the FBI hook in Sacto and down here in LaLa Land?

Is the San Francisco media sphere much more interested in devoting itself to the silly coverage of the latest “Bad Boy” Willie Brown brouhaha connected to the Bay Bridge “naming rights” than covering this un-folding super-scandal?

“Ho-hum already” seems to be the reaction of too many beak-less news hawks both North and South? 

Why was LA Legal Eagle Shepard Kopp retained (below the press radar) to shepherd Tom (in up to his scandalous ass) Calderon unscathed through the state-wide FBI minefield aimed mainly at his brother Ron?

Isn’t Clay Pigeon Protection from the clutches of the FBI the principal part of Shepard K’s highly-paid job description?

Once more … What is the motivation behind FBI Co-Target Tom Calderon’s use of LA Mouthpiece Shepard Kopp-The-Political-Op besides protecting his brother Ron?

Is it a mere coincidence that Shepard Kopp is the pride and joy of the not-so-long-ago bench-warming Northern California Judge Quentin Kopp?

Is former local SF pol as well as termed-out Sacramento office holder: Private Citizen Quentin Kopp currently prepared to offer a few “on the sly” valuable pointers and big dollops of insider knowledge to his ace criminal lawyer son Shepard in order to get his kid’s high-paying (“shady”?) client Tom Calderon out of imminent indictment peril along with his high profile brother?

Are Tom’s Shepard Kopp and Ron’s Mark Geragos working together as a super-lawyer team in defense of the nefarious Calderon Family! Geragos is providing the bulk of the brains and Shepard is providing the good looks and heavyweight connections! 

Some answers, please, why “fearful” Ron’s brother (and partner in crime?) Tom Calderon, when finding himself in a tight spot of his own doing, decided to make such a surprising choice for legal representation in this grave criminal matter?

Check out the rogues (?) gallery list of Shephard Kopp Esquire’s past clients!  Ron is in really bad company!

Is the Golden State Media Sphere issuing this odd couple of Kopps a pass from journalistic scrutiny?

Has Criminal Attorney Mr. Shepard S. Kopp just pocketed a five-figure(?)  new retainer to begin legally shielding FBI Person of Interest Former  Assemblyman  “Water Boy” Tom Calderon from any future prosecution!

This is just like throwing out the Senate Baby with the Central Basin District Bath Water!

Is Ron Calderon pulling the strings for his blood brother Tom and hoping that retired Superior Court Judge Quentin L. Kopp might be asked by his devoted son Shepard to put in a good word or two for Kopp the Younger’s Calderon client among Quentin’s veteran judge friends who may still sit on the California Bench; one of whom could wind up presiding over the matter of The People Versus Senator Ron Calderon Trial, starting not long from now?

Just asking!

Attention members off the Fourth Estate: Why don’t you ask Grand Old Papa Kopp right now for his frank reaction to this ticklish conflict of interest situation that he sadly finds himself facing after a long un-blemished career of public service tied to a decades-long love-affair conducted with gushing California State political reporters?

By the way, Kopp’s other son is a wigged-out ex-hippie cultist! ”

“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.”  So sez Charles Dickens!

John Walsh




Incidentally, take a good look at this photo above of Judge Quentin Kopp’s chip off the old block son! Is that a hairpiece Shepard is wearing?



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