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Back room deal between new Mayor Garcetti and Millenium Partners has old Mayor fuming!


New Mayor Garcetti (whose staff has just signaled to the Press that their Little Boss has jumped on board the Towers Bandwagon) has struck a back room deal with Millennium Partners that has old Mayor Tony fuming out of both ears!

When Caltrans starts sounding as angry and sarcastic over CEQA violations as John Walsh something is terribly off-kilter in LA!

Back room deal hatched between new Mayor Garcetti and Millennium Partners has the “aged-out” Mayor Antonio muttering curses to himself as he sorrowfully packs up his stuff at City Hall in the same office that he had sex with Andrea Alarcon, Board of Public Works Honchette, while her small daughter wandered around a darkened LA City Hall alone!

It’s a mostly meager future faced by our Mayor of the Moment Villaraigosa!
For the ex-Mayor’s next job? How about wait in a while until the position of bell-hop opens up at one of the Millennium Towers!

This website feels fairly confident that the incoming LA Mayor Eric Garcetti will never feel like screwing any City Hall women in the Mayor’s office during his term of office! Or anywhere else … at any time else!!!

Gil and Eric, The Co- Mayors of the New Garcettiville aka LA, just cut a hush-hush Devil’s Bargain late last week with the Hollywood Millennium Partners that severely embarrasses the soon-to-be-no-longer incumbent Mayor Villaraigosa!

At the tail end of this Tuesday’s  PLUM meeting at City Council Chambers , the official announcement was made: The  Un-identical proposed Twin Millennium Towers totaling 100 combined stories has been scaled down to “only” 76 stories. Wow! This story-shrinkage was accomplished by “squinching” the damn towers by increasing the towers’ footprint! Same damn square footage!

The action was ostensibly taken unilaterally by the Developer … if you believe every untruth that you read in the LA Times!  (See Below)

All twenty of Garcetti and Son’s fingerprints can be found all over this predictably weak agreement!
Eric had been in a pickle with the Real Estate Mob for having opposed the Millennium Towers Project during the Mayoral Race in order to win homeowner votes in the Hollywood Hills.

Boy Garcetti claimed at that juncture that he was opposed to the Millennium Project on the basis of scale!  Too damn high for The Little Prince!  Under the Super-Duper- Same-Old Brand New Millennium Plan, the towers shed a few stories to now become too damn squat and boxy!

Had the LA City Council  final vote Wednesday, June 19 to approve the Millennium Scheme  not been cancelled  by Councilman Garcetti’s pulling of  City Hall strings, there were still more than enough votes on the LA City Council to pass the Millennium’s Monstrosities with its original  scope intact!

Eric would have been obligated to cast a worthless “no” with the “Elegant Density” measure still passing handily!

Between now and the end of the month, Mayor Villaraigosa, with great fanfare, then would  have signed the  fateful legislation giving Millennium  Partners permission to  summon the wrecking ball to tear down any building  that was in its way! Another empty boost to Villaraigosa’s vanishing legacy was robbed from him by Wiley T. Garcetti, LA’s Number One Political Coyote!

A marvelous opportunity for Antonio to end his reign of power on a very high note … with Tricky Ricky looking like an obstructionist and Villaraigosa looking like a hero!

However, the Mayor of the Past was decidedly outfoxed by the Mayor of the Future due to the back room deal devised by Little Big Daddy, Gil Garcetti , behind the scenes!

Garcetti on the sly had the final City Council vote postponed from June19 until July 24 paving the way next month for the New Mayor Garcetti to drop his opposition to the two-tower project because of the lopping off of 24 stories from the original plans. Eric once in office will back Millennium Partners 1,000 per cent!

So he gets to sign the Millennium deal in front of the news cameras!

Setting the future stage for Mayor Garcetti  to look like a damn hero  while taking a really deep  bow  at the same times as poor ex- Mayor Tony  can be found with his tail between his legs, skulking somewhere in the  shadow of City Hall, still  looking for a  new high-paying job!

John Walsh





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