No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Gov.Brown gives White Power Guy a “Get out of jail free card” … Then ex-con Kinnear stabs to death Black woman!

Dustin Kinnear 01Prosecute Alleged Hollywood Walk of Fame Killer Dustin Kinnear as a Hate Criminal now!

Jerry Brown’s “Turnstile Justice” deserves the major portion of the credit/blame for Christina Calderon’s stabbing homicide here in Tinseltown on Tuesday!

First, Governor Jerry  Brown starts emptying California Prisons  by signing AB109 while falsely assuring the general public that  these “choir-boy convicts” that he, the Governor, is letting loose are simply non-violent felons that The Guv has determined thru unknown means  to be utterly harmless to any or all of us Hollywood pedestrians!

No cause to worry. These released felons are an awful lot like playful kittens who may have just finished serving their brief terms of confinement for the criminal equivalent of naughtily staining Old Man Brown’s carpet!

Jerry Brown is tearing up his convict shit list right away while weeping big salty tears. Then he starts releasing these dangerous law-breakers to the world-at-large by the hyper-dirty dozen at a time (!), because that’s the knee-jerk politically-correct6 thing to do!!!

So sez Jerry!

But then little more than two short months after Gov. Brown’s April 6 release of on-the-prowl  Kinnear from  state prison to save a few bucks  for the California State Treasury’s piggy bank, Mister  One-Man crime-wave himself Dustin Kinnear makes a beeline for Hollyweird Boulevard (!) to make  some new friends fast!

This White Power-type ex- convict Dustin Kinnear stabs Hollywood visitor Black Ms.  Christina Calderon to death at the Historic Hollywood Walk of Fame for refusing to pay him a buck for taking his super-scary picture!

See alleged Killer Kinnear’s “F*CK YOU. GIVE ME A DOLLAR” sign! (Here Below and Above!)

Dustin Kinnear 02

Kinnear has been re-arrested at least five times since Governor Brown originally sprung him from the slammer five days after April Fool’s!

Supervisor Yaroslavsky’ made a major Board motion Tuesday for an LA County investigation that passed unanimously!

This maverick website has been chronicling burgeoning Hollywood crime statistics (particularly rape) for years!

Our glum crime warnings of a week ago are now transformed into super-somber conventional wisdom!





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