No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Millennium – Reality Imitating Art!

 MILLENNIUM 03http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czjs4vJAeWc#t=4m7s
(advance to the 4 min 7 sec mark if it doesn’t do so automatically.

Watch this video clip from the 1974 movie “Earthquake” …. In a prophetic case of life imitating art!

As Charlton Heston says in the movie, “We should have never put up those 40-story monstrosities”

The Millennium Project has been trying to use its money to influence the City and the community to stop resisting. Their consulting architect is the President of the City Planning Commission. They have spent over $460,000 in just the first quarter of 2013 in lobbying. They have contributed to the campaigns of the Mayor and many of the Councilmembers. They have made a financial settlement with one of the appellants in the neighborhood of $2 million. But we will not be bought. Lives are at stake. The fraud is so immense that it must be exposed and defeated for the sake of the future of Hollywood.

Please help us by going to www.stopthemillenniumhollywood.org to donate to our ongoing effort to appeal to the City Council and in court, if necessary, to defeat this grotesque monstrosity.



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