No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Herb exposes himself publicly wearing his silly clown sox. Public gets stuck paying the bill for them!



Hey, City Lobbyists, here’s a hint: President Wesson prefers a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon as a great under-the-table gift idea delivered to his office in a plain brown bag, thank you!

The consensus is that Herb’s imperial manner springs in part from the astonishing amount of booze that he consumes daily during his regular absences while LA City Council is in session! If only President Herb could hold his tongue as well as he holds his liquor!

One of Herb’s fellow City Councilman asks JWALSHCONFIDENTIAL to have mercy on poor Wesson:

“Please John, sometimes when you’re really tough on Herb, he can knock off a half bottle of bourbon when he retreats to his office during the meeting.”

Tipsy Council President Herb Wesson is on a hyper gift-giving and gift- receiving jag of late! Lobbyists who wish to reciprocate need only ask his staffer son, the one with the DUI on his own criminal record, to supply you with the name of his favorite brand of bourbon!

See Herb expose himself publicly wearing his silly clown sox. Then the tax-paying public gets stuck paying Mr. Wesson Himself’s bill for that so ridiculous footwear and the other 13 pairs he bought as gifts for his fellow City Council Members…most of whom disposed of the embarrassing socks immediately!

Rumor hath it that Herb’s buddies at the LA Times: News guys Steve Lopez, Jim Newton and David Zahniser each received a pair of those damn silly sox from “Imperial” Herb … as the Times recently referred to him!

Sorry, lady reporters of the Times, no gag gift for your feet!

Thank you, photo Gary Leonard, whose profession entails capturing powerful pols exposing themselves as buffoons! For a great example, see the picture at the bottom!

Did you think that City Hall bloggers were exaggerating when we called “Imperial” President Herb Wesson, leader of the LA City “Clowncil” pack a camera-hogging egomaniac?  Take a closer look at Exhibit Number One here!  Inside Herb’s silly socks, you’ll find Wesson’s Feet of Clay!

Why is the LA City Council President wearing those really dumb clown sox?

Because  Emperor Herbert The First decided to dig deep into his personal City Council special cash  fund  to spend  more than $300 of taxpayers’ money to buy himself and  each of the 13 other current  City “Clowncil” members a pair of “funny” clown socks as taxpayer-generated gifts!

But no one else on the  all- macho male LA City Council is fool enough to expose himself  to the Press wearing that  kind of  stupid footwear …

Witness  here for yourself LA City  “Clowncil” President Wesson with his feces-consuming grin plastered across his  chuckle-provoking puss, lifting his  expensive pants near the knees  to show-off his ankles … all the while mugging for the camera  and foot-modeling in front of  the stately Los Ageless  City Hall  to please picture-taker Gary Leonard, who had to be cringing!






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