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Garcetti asks HuffPost to buy LA Times?Why won’t Eric buy The Times himself through his Roth Family Foundation?


Fresh Prince of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti asks his booster Arianna Huffington to buy the LA Times to make life politically easier for him!

Hold 0n! Why doesn’t this neophyte Multi-Millionaire Mayor of LA buy the damned LA Times paper himself through his fabulously wealthy and equally shadowy Roth Family Foundation!

Eric loves to grab a headline! And that’s just what he did during his recent Huff Post exclusive interview!

The Garcetti  Clan has big bucks coming out of its ears owing in no small part  to the “non- profit” that Eric and his father, (former DA Gil Garcetti of O.J. Simpson Murder Trial fame), currently control lock, stock and barrel … namely: The Roth Family Foundation!

Does that name sound familiar? The Roth Family Foundation is a generous supporter of NPR. Listen for the on-air sponsorship credit mention of the Roth Family Foundation at the end of many public radio shows.

Of course, that guarantees there will be scant hard-edged investigative reporting of new Mayor Garcetti’s Administration shenanigans originating from local or national NPR newsrooms! Public Radio news gathering agencies never bite the corporate or foundation hand that feeds them!

Not coincidentally, “Roth” happens to be the Mayor’s mom’s maiden name!

Instead of suggesting that Arianna Huffington risk a bundle of her own hard-earned dough investing in an up-to-a billion dollar a year money-loser like the LA Times, why doesn’t the smug Mayor of LA put his own inherited money where his big mouth is and shell out some of that Roth Family Foundation fortune in purchasing The LA Times; and wind up proving what a sure-fire bad investment bet it really is?

Remember during the recent Mayoral Campaign, the Roth Family Foundation real estate scandal in Beverly Hills that caused Candidate Eric a ton of negative news media!

And there’s more heavy controversy soon to erupt as a result of some highly suspect investment dealings tied to the Roth Family Foundation with Garcetti fingerprints all over them!

This further embarrassment for the Garcettis  (Eric & Gil) stems from below-the-radar (extra-legal?) moves that their pet foundation is often abundantly guilty of.

Especially, in the conflict of interest area and other issues governed by the City Ethics Commission where Mayor Eric will get to appoint new commissioners.

Garcetti has some experience in this area with the City Ethics Commissioner that he appointed way back when he was LA City Council President!

Kind of politically incestuous, isn’t it?

This City Ethics Commission arrangement is somewhat similar to the Roth Family Foundation, where the Father and Son Team of Garcetti and Garcetti totally controls a puppet Board of Directors that the both of them get to appoint exclusively!

HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG is now conducting an investigation into the Roth Family Foundation’s off the record dealings with the new Mayor of Los Angeles  before and since  Eric took office on July 1, 2013!

(More to Come!)


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