No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Who were the ringleaders of last night’s Mini-Riot? Bob Avakian’s Revolutionary Communist Party?


LA Mayor “Tricky Ricky”looks more like Nervous Nellie as last night’s demonstrators bamboozle HIZZONER!

Note to MIKKI: This “GONE FISHIN’ …” post of yours (below) really belongs on the main page of HHDC as MIKI’s Pointed View. It would be the first one since May!

Mayor Garcetti took a powder last night instead of doing the politically-correct thing and taking to the streets during the Zimmerman verdict crisis in order to confront the angry crowds face to face.

Poor “Acting” Mayor Garcetti is useless in a “Moment Of Truth” like this one when The Little Prince has no script to follow or TelePrompter to read off of!

The ringleaders of last night’s demonstrations–first Downtown and then in the heart of Hollywood–were most likely RCP… Bob Avakian’s Revolutionary Communist Party!

The Zimmerman demonstrators were quite experienced at police-crowd confrontations like this one and proceeded to make quasi-street fools out of the vaunted LAPD Hollywood Division (Gramala’s Gremlins) running them ragged through the heart of Tinseltown.

If Villaraigosa had still been Mayor last night, the demonstrators would have been contained and rendered harmless!

The cops showed up late. Then like a stray dog with its tail between its leg, poorly-trained Law Enforcement trailed behind the “Wild Bunch” following these pissed-off demonstrators from the corner of Hollywood and Highland all the way to Sunset Blvd. just west of Vine Street in front of the CNN Bldg!

The demonstrators’ ability to cause a diversion allowing them to shut down the freeway was amazing! And humiliating!

IF The LA Times gave Crime Reporter Richard Winton or other top news hounds I could mention free rein to cover this mini-riot story, the truth would come out!  No chance!

Until then, you’ll have to follow HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG to discover what’s actually happening off-news camera on the streets of LA!

LAT, however, is plain frightened of REVO Bob Avakian and reluctant to even mention his name since Avakian sued the LA TIMES successfully a while back and received a printed retraction as part of the legal settlement!

Meanwhile, Los Angeles is fated to go downhill for another 8 years with the Do-Nothing Father and Son Team of Gil and Eric Garcetti embedded in City Hall!

Villaraigosa nostalgia is so strong in the Downtown corridors of power that the City Fathers are saying among themselves that you can almost smell it!





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