No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Sensational Revelations about Giant Millennium Project’s doomed plans revealed to the Public at Yucca and Argyle Press Conference featuring W Hotel’s Ghostly Presence … BOO!

RPS_MILLENNIUM LTR-COPY 01Defiant “Clowncil” President Wesson sticks up for Millennium Developer … Tells Governor Brown in so many words to go shit in a hat!

California Governor Jerry Brown’s official State Geologist Dr. John G. Parrish received OK from the Governor to warn intransigent Herbie Wesson in letter sent 7/20/13 to drop plans indefinitely for permit approval by Mayor Garcetti and the Council until all ongoing Sacramento investigations are completed!

Attorney Ben Reznik is running the opposition for our newfound allies, W HOTEL that has joined an unlikely marriage with neighborhood activists in strident opposition to the Monster Un-identical Twin Millennium Tower Project!

In turn, Rick Taylor brought in to cover PR  ( strictly unofficially)  for W Hotel  forces who don’t want the Millennium Un-identical Twin Monster  Towers traffic nightmare to invade their  nearby space  where the Hotel still hasn’t un-loaded most of their  absurdly over-priced condo units!


More pdf’s:

RPS_6-24-13 [Scan] FINAL Letter to Board of Pro. Engineers, Land Surveyors & Geologists

RPS_Millennium [Scan] 6-27-13 Letter from Larry Kereszt – Board of Professional ELG


RPS_Millennium [Scan] 7-17-13 Corres. from Larry Kerestz re Dan Eberhart Complaint



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