No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

“Yesterday’s psychotic ravings about Hollywood Crime wave are Today’s Conventional Wisdom!”


It’s official now! Read Today’s New York Times There’s the news in good ole black and white: Hollywood Blvd is a major crime magnet and the whole world is wise to the attempted LA cover-up of this painful news by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in concert with the former Hollywood City Councilman and now Mayor Eric Garcetti!

Mum was the word back then concerning the incipient Hollywood Crime Wave because Mayor Garcetti was much more worried about the Tourist Trade being crippled by the news than he was about Hollywood residents or tourists being crippled by the criminals!

Hollywood is now in danger of turning into an out-of-control area that appeals chiefly to do-or-die tourists who crave that thrill of becoming near-miss crime targets while perambulating the faded Boulevard!

And the street gang-controlled narcotics salesmen who hang out here with impunity servicing the Hollywood Blvd. doper crowd under the noses of law enforcement may have to move on because of all the “bad publicity” these Hollywood thugs are getting from outside LA media!

Hollywood Blvd … a great place to purchase street Meth; but “great” in few other categories!

The asleep-at-the- wheel LA City Council members  resisted for months acting on the irrefutable evidence our website brought to City Hall during the Public Comment period of many City  Council meetings that relied upon LAPD’s own  crime stats as crunched by LAT’s own CRIME-MAPPING LA.,  pointing to the alarming rise in Hollywood crime … until the shit hit the fan!

Before news the crime wave was picked up by the national media, the Mayor and Police Chief refused to acknowledge the terrible crime problem here?

But that all changed quickly after a black woman visitor to Hollywood was stabbed to death on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame by a white street transient with more than 30 prior arrests under his belt; and after last week’s bash-mobbing/wilding so brazen that one micro-gang of kiddie gang-bangers actually invaded a Hollywood Blvd. merchant’s place of business and ran off carrying the cash register as trophy loot!

Once again yesterday’s psychotic ravings of John Walsh turn into today’s conventional wisdom!

Any doubt? Then GOOGLE John Walsh and Innocence of Muslims-Osama Bin Laden to see how HOLLYWOODHIGHLANDS.ORG  warned the World from a lectern  at an LA City Council meeting about this  pernicious  movie’s scheduled debut at a local Hollywood “movie palace” two months before  news of the film’s  shocking contents caused widespread rioting  in many Islamic countries as well as some European  cities, killing  50 people!





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