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Mayor Garcetti: Support City Councilwoman-Elect Martinez and her immediate Council appointment!

NURI MARTINEZ 01Mayor Garcetti: Support City Councilwoman-Elect Martinez and her immediate  appointment to her rightful City Council seat!

Attention Mayor Eric Garcetti!

Come to your senses and support City Councilwoman-Elect Nury Martinez by removing yourself as a stumbling block to the City Council appointing her next Tuesday to the City Council! 

Thus avoiding another two weeks of Nury’s CD 6 stuck with an empty seat and left without a voice at the LA Horseshoe of Municipal Power!

So … Male chauvinist Mayor Garcetti bestows on Nury the empty title of “Caretaker”? (Whatever the hell that means!)

Eric callously slams the door in her face; instead of doing the right thing, a spiteful Mayor Garcetti is acting like a sore loser a few days after Election Day!

Mr. Mayor, you really should publicly promise to back her appointment to The Los Angeles City Council by majority Council vote as soon as possible, meaning the next City Council Meeting Tues. 7/30/13 … which is permitted by the City Charter!

A notable precedent is Hollywood Councilwoman Peggy Stevenson (still a resident of Los Angeles) who was initially appointed to LA City Council by LA City Council vote!

This website called out vindictive/sexist Mayor Eric Garcetti at General Public Comment today during the LA City Council meeting for blocking Councilwoman-elect Nury Martinez from an immediate appointment as the sole woman in Los Angeles City elective government!

Nury was at the City Council meeting today and spoke graciously. One could see in her eyes how much she wanted to take her seat right there and then amongst her 14 male colleagues.

Nury was only temporarily allowed to take her rightful place when Wesson allowed her to speak from a City “Councilmen” microphone.

Right off the bat, the shutout Ms. Martinez got a big laugh from the entire Chamber when she began her speech to her 14 other “fellow” City Council persons by uttering the ironic word: “Gentlemen……”

Earlier, The Council President was rebuffed by Mayor Garcetti behind closed doors.

When Herb Wesson asked permission to allow the City Council by majority vote to appoint Nury immediately to the currently vacant seat, the Mayor was adamantly opposed. That made Wimpy Herb back down right away!

The still wet-behind-the-ears Mayor Garcetti showed his off-camera petulant side when refusing to give his stamp of approval to naming her for the very short-term vacant job that lasts only until the City Clerk officially declares the “independent” Nury Martinez the victor over the Mayor’s defeated pet candidate Cindy Martinez!

Mayor Eric and his puppet-master Pop Gil Garcetti are still whimpering from the deep purple bruising they got Election Night when the candidate that the both of them fervently backed and fundraised for got her ass whipped badly by an angry upset-minded San Fernando Valley cadre of voters who marched to the polls and voted for Nury to demonstrate their total rejection of the dirty tactics opponent Montanez employed in a despicable anti-Nury mailer!

(For a full understanding of what happened on the campaign trail, you must read the excellent account of exactly how Nury the underdog turned certain defeat into an easy victory at josephmailander.com)

The easy-as-child’s-play defeat of the Mayor’s handpicked candidate Cindy made the Boy Mayor of Los Angeles look even more juvenile than usual!

There is no legal dispute that the City Charter of Los Angeles permits the City Council to vote winner Nury Martinez into office as Councilwoman for the two weeks it takes for the LA City Clerk to certify the results of the final vote tally. Thus clearing the way for Nury’s taking the formal oath of office!

John Walsh




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