No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

CrimeMapping.com Report – 1 crime reported. — ASSAULT ON LAPD HOLLYWOOD OFFICER!

2013-08-02_CRIME ALERTOn behalf of the Hollywood Tourist industry and the thousands  this behemoth employs, as well as the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and  their Puppet Mayor Eric Garcetti (and let’s not forget Big-Time Real Estate Speculators plus any other players who want to ignore Hollywood Violent Crime Stats to further their crass agenda), our humble website asks the ever-compliant mainstream news media to  continue blindly ignoring instances of serious  mayhem happening right here in the “Glamour Capital of the World”!

For a recent prime example, how about the brazen attack on a Hollywood LAPD officer that occurred 7/31/13!

What the public won’t know can’t hurt them…if folks believe what they read in the LA Times and un-suspiciously walk the late night mean streets of Tinseltown, they’re surely cruising for a bruising!  Are late-night pedestrians actually naive death-wishers?

That particular LAPD police officer victim of aggravated assault the other day in Hollywood can suck it up! He’ll recover. Don’t worry about him! The next best thing after preventing the growth of Hollywood violent crime is keeping news of Hollywood violent crime out of the mainstream news media! If something doesn’t appear in the Times, it didn’t happen!

Ask Times-lover Warren Olney at “No Way, LA!”


This wasn’t the first time (or the last time, for sure) that a Hollywood Cop on patrol was victim of an “aggravated assault” that spelled a trip to the hospital emergency room!

The LAPD doesn’t want to talk about this officer-targeted Hollywood crime and the MSM is too intimidated to inquire!

Glamour Capital crime may now be sort of down in the global long run ; but only if you stretch the comparison way, way back to the lawless 1980’s and early Nineties! Lately, Hollywood rape statistics are skyrocketing! Read the LA Weekly coverage!

In fact, long haul Crime Stats are down somewhat in every major American City. The reason for the drop in LA as well as elsewhere is primarily demographic. Youth contributes more than its share of crime and America is graying rapidly!

Will reporters shunning even routine Tinseltown crime coverage help the fallen officer assaulted on 7/31/13 recover more quickly?

It serves no greater political purpose alerting the general public to the lawlessness raging after dark in Hollywood, does it?

After all, the Hollywood violent crime victims are predominately minority and Davan Maharaj, the LA Times Editor-in-Chief is a racist! Ask any of the very few Times reporters of color under him for an opinion about their racially-prejudiced boss!

We don’t want another “Hollywood Crime Rampage” story on the front page of the New York Times discouraging tourists from visiting here or developers from investing Big Bucks here, now do we?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Mainstream Press, please employ your journalistic credentials as ass-wipe in burying this highly embarrassing story. (SEE BELOW!)

Thank you … as always!

John Walsh






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