No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Please Bloggers Stop Likening Dictator Idi Amin to Council President Herb Wesson. It’s very unfair!


It’s very unfair to the memory of President Idi Amin, that is: The Father of His Country who risked his life fighting British Imperialism to win Ugandan Independence!

Speaking individually, in 1967 this blogger spent some time under the Idi Amin Administration in the Uganda Capital City of Kampala and environs. My stay was a pleasure one! President Amin enjoyed a very cordial relationship with the US Peace Corps!

On the other hand, scarcely anything positive can be uttered about the 2013 LA City Council under the virtual dictatorship of the phony Herb Wesson who craftily sells out the Blood of his own People for personal monetary gain on a regular basis!

Please do the sainted memory of Idi Amin a big favor and stop comparing him to the worthless racist President Herb Wesson of the Los Angeles City Council who will find himself totally forgotten once he has reached his Los Angeles City Council term limit a few short years hence; and then is forced to crawl back into the City Hall woodwork where he belongs!




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