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First Lady and newest Gal Pal dance the night away. Visit info@autumnburke.us for more sexy pics of these two!

AUTUMN 02Ms. Autumn Burke’s father is Black Multi-Millionaire and Obama’s silent business partner, Mr. Bill Burke, former owner of The Los Angeles Marathon and recent un-successful bidder for the LA Dodgers at $1.2 Billion!

The First Lady is feverishly raising lots of money outside of press scrutiny on behalf of her 39 year-old bosom buddy’s maiden voyage to capture a lowly seat next year in the California State Legislature at Sacramento!

What’s the reason for this White House fuss over Autumn Burke, coupled with the mainstream news media’s silent decision to ignore the whole messy affair?

First Lady Obama isn’t bending over backwards for any of the thousands of other Democrat Party candidate hopefuls who seek her support to run for local office next year in the 50 States!

Why this super-special effort by First Lady Michelle Obama on behalf of this singled-out “obscure” candidate, who is worth a fortune by virtue of her mega-wealthy Barack Obama-confidante Dad, Doctor William “Bill” Burke!

Take a good look at those gorgeous campaign photos of Ms. Autumn Burke and Michelle Obama as an attractive pair posted on Miss Autumn’s very own California State Assembly campaign website (autumnburke.us) and you might discover why immediately!

Visit the website below or THEFRONTPAGEONLINE.COM for more details and candid photos of Autumn & Michelle posing together!



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