No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Bloodthirsty LA City Council Wolfpack seeks permission from City Attorney Feuer to devour alive members of public attending City Hall Council Meetings!

WILDLIFE 01Dear John,

The wolf is at the door for the Los Angeles City Council!

When L.A. City Councilmembers lose their  protections, they bloodthirstily attack members of the General Population! Savage Councilmembers always go for the throat!

We’ve seen what has happened in the North Hollywood region where where City Councilmembers were prematurely delisted and then turned over to states with  harsh  antii-rabid politician policies – nearly 1,200  City Councilmembers   were  convicted of corruption since  2011 and sentenced to serve time behind steel bars in local zoos serving as jails!What a pity!

The current proposal to delist nearly all graying City Councilmembers in the Lower 48 puts the future of America’s corrupt politicians at risk — time is running out to stop this reckless plan from moving forward.

Strike back and make it count! Donate big cash in a plain white unaddressed envelope now and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $100,000 by corrupt city contractors and labor unions thanks to our Board of  LA CITY COUNCIL Savage Pack Members

Just consider:

  • Despite public outrage and no scientific justification, the U.S. Political Wild Life Service is pressing ahead with its proposal to delist nearly all gray politicians  throughout the Lower 48.
  • Political pressure from Gadfly special interest groups and anti-government extremists has reached a new high. The City Council  Member Protection Agency needs to hear the truth – that delisting is a disaster in the making;
  • In the American Southwest, all are unwilling to do what’s necessary to recover the Mexican gray  Councilmember like  specimen Jose Huizar…America’s most endangered  species of corrupt politician!
  • Wildlife Services continues to  round up and recall crooked Councilmembers  even whole packs — despite proof that non-lethal alternatives are extremely effective;
  • Hunting season in the Northern Rockies, where corrupt politicians were prematurely delisted back in 2011, is right around the corner. The deadly  toll, which already stands close to 1,200 recalled Councilmembers  will surely soar. 

This will be a bare knuckled fight to the finish, and we need your help to win it.

And, until August 31st, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $100,000.
We are being massively outspent by special interest groups and anti-government extremists. They will spare no expense to see the end of  corrupt politicians roaming free in Council Chambers throughout America!

The war on councilmembers has stretched our resources to the limit. Across the country our team is working night and day to beat back these threats. That’s why your donation could make a life-or-death difference for our beloved crooked OFFICEHOLDERS!

The stakes are so high and we have so much to lose!

Please donate today.


JOSE(Sexual Harasser) HUIZAR 
Defenders of Wildlife Politicians

P.S. Make no mistake, we’re prepared to go to court if necessary to make sure  LA City Councilmembers receive the Endangered Species Act protections that the law, and the public demand! Please take advantage of this matching gift opportunity before it’s too late.

WILDLIFE 02 copy




Defenders of LA City Councilmembers lead the pack when it comes to defending wild  councilmembers in their natural prowling place of Los Angeles City Hall!

Councilmembers have a natural-born right to bite,claw and devour members of the Public in their natural habitat of City Hall Chambers! GRRRRRR!



© Copyright Defenders of the Wild Pack of LA City Councilmembers!

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 Defenders of LA City Councilmember Wild Beasts ,a national, nonprofit membership  organization dedicated to the protection of all native wild  City Councilmember beasts and in their natural City Hall community habitat!

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