No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Never again! Vile anti-Semitic story in LA Times refers to Orthodox Jews as “paganistic”! (See below!) Virulent anti-Semitic Times Editor Davan Maharaj stands behind anti-Semitic reporter Martha Groves!


Our website shouts: “Never again!”; referring to the vile anti-Semitic story in LA Times branding Orthodox Jews as “paganistic”! (See Times story below!) 

Virulent anti-Semitic Times Editor Mr. Davan Maharaj stands behind anti-Semitic reporter Martha Groves and her Jewish chicken exposé! 

Where is the Anti-Defamation League to call out the Anti-Semites doing their dirty work openly at the LA Times?

Has the ADL secretly decided to turn the other cheek and defend by default the rights of those religious hate-mongering higher-ups at The LA Times such as virulent anti-Semite Editor-in-Chief Davan Maharaj, who might like to blast the hate speech against Orthodox Jews at a high enough decibel level to provoke the kind of anti-Semitic violence at local synagogues by Times readers, such as we have seen in the recent past?

LA TIMES JEWISH PICTURE 03Violent Jew-hating readers of the Los Angeles Times are out there waiting to be incited to violence against Jews!

(See below for Google Search results of past amti-Semitic incidences at LA synagogues!)

No joke! Will this outrageously one-sided LA Times Jewish chicken story be enough to drive those un-apprehended perpetrators of serious anti-Semitic violence to strike again?

Does long-time Jew-hating LAT Editor Mr. Davan Maharaj pay self-hating Jews at the LA Times like Chief Editorial Page writer Mr. Nick Goldberg and Education reporter Mr. Howard Blume a high enough salary to  guarantee  the shameful silence of both in the face of this anti-Semitic journalistic onslaught?

John Walsh (Great-Grandson of Hungarian Jewish immigrant, Leo Berger)






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