No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Please protect poor Black sheep, Council Prez Herb Wesson,head of the Bighorny LA City Council Sheep (Flock of Fifteen!), from the Deadly Disease of Boredom, induced by the 14 other lost LA City Council lambs!

Trouble reading this email? Then…Tough Shit!

Click here.

Dear Constituents of LA’s Horny City Council:Political Pneumonia is terrible for the 15 damn horny sheep pulling the wool over Angelenos eyes at LA City Council meetings!It’s incredibly contagious and once a big horny Council “person” is infected, its victim is unlikely to survive.Political pneumonia causes a slow and painful demise for the office-holder’s constituent victims as the 15 vain, majestic sheepish icons celebrate their kill!Sadly, these bighorn human LA City Council sheep continue to hold their human targets at risk of contracting this  near- fatal disease from sexual contact  with their super-cute male Council deputies every time they come in contact with other Councilmanic sheep grazing on public employees territory at their horny habitat in dark corners  all around City Hall.Right now we have a unique opportunity to retire 4 incumbent council sheep in 2015! 

Let’s help keep these bighorny Councilmanic sheep safe from coming all over one another when Shepherd Eric Garcetti passes by! BAA!

Please  suckers, empty your damn fat wallets and donate now to help secure safe habitat for bigass Council person sheep like Koretz and many more at-risk  Hollywood political wildlife.

The Big horny LA City Council sheep population is only a shadow of what it once was since Baa-Baa Rosendahl and Little Boo Peep Perry were sent scurrying away!

Friends of LA political wildlife like you were instrumental to the success of past efforts that secured key land for Forgotten bullshit like Farmer’s Field!

For just $4.16 you can “adopt” a major asshole sheep like Prince Paul “Tony Horn” Koretz; instead of adopting one of those flea-bitten pooches that Herb Wesson pawns off on an un- suspecting Public Fridays at Council meetings!

Please foolishly donate today to support our adopt-a-super-sheepish LA COUNCILMAN! program and make a terribly small difference for America’s endangered politico wildlife!

These vast Los Angeles City Hall lands are a critically important piece of the Big Horny Council sheep conservation puzzle.

Please  cough up a  super-sized tax-deductible donation today to adopt  and help at-risk  City Council member living a wildlife!

Together, we can save the 15 big ass horny LA Council sheep  from contracting that fatal rectal disease that’s contracted from sitting on their big assess all day long at LA Council Chambers!

Thanks for all you doo doo to protect wildlife.

Now it’s time to make like a shepherd and get the flock outa here!


Help Protect
Big Horny LA City Council Sheep from Deadly Social Diseases! Horndog

Huizar, in particular!

He could use an AIDS test!



© 2013 National Weirdlife Federation. All  | parody


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