No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Historic Columbia Square … a prime target for a repeat fire here in Hollywood: The Unsolved Arson Capital of The World!


LA Mayor Eric Garcetti  joined by all 15 LA City Council members and Police Chief Charlie Beck are failing to get serious in tracking down the Hollywood arsonist responsible ; thereby issuing a  tacit invitation to the worldwide arsonist community to come back here and try  once more to burn down  to the ground the  Columbia Square Building on Sunset  Boulevard : the historic West Coast Home of CBS Radio and TV!

Only quick arrival and brave firefighting action by LAFD foiled this year’s Friday the Thirteenth of September attempt at totally incinerating the former headquarters of the Columbia Broadcasting System.

(See our previous September 14, 2013 post below for the details!


When it comes to tracking down Hollywood arsonists, LAPD Hollywood Division has turned in a performance over decades on a par with the crime-fighting skills of the Keystone Cops!

Transients are once again living openly inside the Columbia Square Building; often cooking their meals by open flame!

The current owners have neglected to board-up the open windows as required by law.

Go there and see for yourself the pre-conflagration conditions allowed by the authorities!

Is there another Hollywood demolition by arson fire in the future for Columbia Square!

Stay tuned!





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