No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

AL Jazeera scoops California media on FBI sting operation! Why because FBI doesn’t trust local Press, First of all: LA Times!


Mayor Garcetti shits a brick Wednesday Night when CBS Reporter Dave Bryan breaks the dynamite Al Jazeera FBI sting story targeted at the Corrupt Calderon Brood and beyond!

How embarrassing for the local LA mainstream media (aka ‘the Dinosaur Press) to wake up Thursday Morning to read the lengthy affidavit of an undercover FBI Agent who posed as an owner of a smaller LA film studio who got chummy with Chuck and Company and was willing to pay the Calderon Clan tens of thousands of dollars in bribes to sponsor special interest legislation in Sacramento.

This undercover FBI agent’s affidavit (only lightly redacted) is now available for download on the Internet, and as the actual words “Al JAZEERA” stamped on every page … much to the chagrin of LA Times Publisher Mr. Eddy Hartenstein!

LA Times got painfully scooped!

Why was the FBI so reluctant to leak the affidavit to the LA Times?

Because the Feds were reasonably certain that the LA Times to curry favor would have tipped off Mayor Garcetti and other major California politicians so these guys could start wiping their fingerprints off incriminating evidence?

Keep watching this website for the straight dope on whose political careers are sure to perish besides The Family Calderon as the scandal inevitably widens.

Not since the 1994 FBI Sting in Sacramento which abruptly ended the careers of several state legislators have we seen a political scandal to compare with this one!

Read our past website coverage of the Calderon Mega Scandal!

The first ancillary damage will be suffered by LA City Councilman poor Gil Cedillo who ought to resign right now to limit personal damage!

His pride and joy, Gil Cedillo Jr., stands a good chance really soon of winding up in San Quentin!

More juicy details to come … to be found only here!



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