No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Defeat Ms. Hillary Clinton’s Fat Butt: A plea for cash from Sheriff “Are-Pee-Hole”!


Subject: Defeat Hillary and stomp her fat ugly posterior from here to kingdom come!
Reply-To: info@stopladyclinton.org

STOP THE BITCH NOW!Fellow Limp Dick Patriots,You know me as the semi-toughest sheriff in America. Or the semi-toughest in Downtown Phoenix at the very least!You also know me as a former straight talker … now I’m going to act a little bit like a Gay talker: “Puhleeze! Dearie! Miss Thing will never be elected President…although her hubby Bill, is a real doll face to die over! Ladies, Fork over some long green to keep White House-Broken Hillary out of my hair already!”

I’ve spent my entire life fighting to root out the rule of PC lawlessness and hold to what is right … far right and what is just …just plain BS!

I have fought against the Mexican Drug Cartels that sprang to life due to America’s crazy drug laws!
I think that  those Mexican scumbags may have sent me notes threatening my life and my family’s lives but I don’t know for sure because I can’t read a word of damn Spanish!

I have fought against those corrupt Obama Department of Justice  Darkies  that are less interested in scoring political points than eating seedless watermelon in their fancy DC offices! I have fought against President Obama who doesn’t have the first clue on how to secure our border with Kenya to protect our citizens against invasion from Africa!

Today, I’m ready to take on a new dirty fight and I need your help.

You see, I’m convinced that “the fix is in” and that without a huge effort starting right now – that Hillary Clinton will be the First Pussy President of the United States.

Her henchmen – James (“Stinky”) Carville and Harold (“Sticky”) Ickes – are busy greasing the skids, raising trillions of dollars for her and sucking off the Socialist Mainstream media, all designed to install her fat, ancient ass in the White House without a fair fight.

Well you know me … I’m always up for a fight rigged in my favor! And dirty fighting in Southwest America is what I do best.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me in supporting Stop Lady President Hillary PAC today. Will you please click on this link and sign your name to my Pledge to Defeat Hillary’s ugly butt campaign?

And after you sign your pledge, will you please chip in with a generous donation of $25, 50 or even $100,000 to help me kick Hillary Clinton between her 66 year-old legs where her balls oughta be kicked? Your gift  like a Bill Clinton orgasm could not come at a more opportune moment.

Stop Lady President Clinton PAC is plotting an emergency right wing Pentagon- backed coup across the country in December 2016 to stop Hillary Clinton just in case the Bitch actually wins the Presidential Election fair and square from ever becoming Madame President of these United States of ours!

We’re up to a really sneaky plan – and with your financial help we can stop the Hillary juggernaut in its tracks here and goddam now!

So I’m asking you today — before you do anything else like accidentally shoot a friend or family member with a rifle you just bought without showing any ID–to follow this nasty link and sign your assumed name to our Pledge to Defeat Hillary’s Ass campaign.

I know I don’t have to tell you the damage a Hillary Clinton presidency will do to The beloved Right Wing Abortion-free, Sodomy-Free, registered-minority-voter free America that we pure-bred whites look forward to living in real soon!

Building upon the dangerous Obama legacy,  Unctuous President Hillary Clinton will pour the cement of the disastrous policies of Black Barack on top of the frayed fabric of America until Hell freezes over, dammit!

Below is what’s in store for non-minorities in the US of H (UNITED STATES OF HILLARY):

Open Borders and Permanent Amnesty for everyone whose ass is a darker shade than ours!
Is that what you want? Hillary will finish what’s left of the President Obama (who secretly lusts after Hillary’s private parts) immigration policy that rewards wetback law breakers and leaves our sovereign Angle-Saxon citizens vulnerable to Mexi-criminals and brown- skinned thugs swimming across the Rio Grands to rape our white wives, white daughters, white sisters, white aunts, sainted white mothers and sainted white grandmothers while they lay sleeping in their beds before stabbing them all to death!


A Bigger and more Overreaching Government: Hillary will continue Obama’s assault on beloved unrestricted crony-assed liberal capitalism and plot to pour
scalding hot water all over innocent Tea Party groups! Will the IRS start targeting all Caucasian conservatives under President H. (For Holy Shit) Clinton? You betcha!


A Foreign Policy that leaves America Weak and prone to be corn holed by Middle Easterners!! Does anyone really believe America will be worth more than a crap and a half in the world after 8 years of Hillary Clinton that’s following 8 years of Barack (Arab Lover!) Obama for Chrissakes! And by then it’s about time for Bill and Hillary’s ugly daughter to run for President!

Obamacare expanded into Cancerous Hillarycare: Hillary will be the ultimate implementer of Killer-Diller Obamacare – A patient future with a three year wait for a pedicure …  A patient future with a million dollar deductible per illness! A patient future where when you finally get to see the goddam doctor they picked for you, and he only speaks Spanish! And there’s no translator for you! Because all the translators only speak Spanish and Arabic!


Jimmy Carter style Joblessness and Unemployment: a Hillary Clinton Administration will be a dangerous anti-capitalist government that will bloodthirstily destroy for the fun of it the Koch Brothers-blessed economy of today and make Karl Marx Birthday a national holiday!
But here is the real scary part: Hillary is even closer to the presidency now than she ever has been before. Hillary is already picking out the new drapes for the Oval Office once she gets in to start her remodeling!

That’s why I’m asking you, before you read any further, please click on this link and sign your name to our Pledge to Defeat  Bitch Hillary campaign – and please make a super-generous gift to our earnest effort!

My friend, if there is one thing I’ve learned during my years in  crooked law  enforcement and as a private citizen, it’s  that you can never start preparing too early for a  knock-down drag-out-no holds barred  super-scuffle.. .with a woman!

Our immediate goal is to collect over 1 billion signatures – an assroots army of lobotomized white Americans living and dead committed to doing whatever it takes to destroy Hillary’s chances of snacking on enchiladas at the Inaugural Ball in 2017! With yours truly Sheriff Are-Pee-Yo controlling the whole damn army of marching Hillary-Haters!

We will enact an all-out media blitz to expose Hillary’s far, far, far left-wing record of failure. Finally, we will target precinct-by-precinct with a coordinated hard-hitting racist TV, radio and digital effort in every county in America that Hillary needs to steal the presidency from real men like you and me!

One more important thing: we simply cannot achieve our racial superiority goals without your big bucks financial support as well. Open that fat white-guy wallet of yours today. Instead of buying another automatic handgun tomorrow to kill home- evaders donate that dough to stop Hillary today!

Please, in addition to signing your Pledge to Defeat  Fat-Butt Hillary, I urge you to make your most generous contribution to help me and The Stop Commie Hillary PAC to pull whatever damn dirty trick it takes to ensure Hillary Clinton’s pink asshole never gets anywhere near the effin swivel chair behind the desk at the White House Oval Office with the cum-stained carpets from the Bill Clinton era when then Commander-in-Chief pulled out of Monica Lewinsky’s mouth too soon!

I assure you that your contribution of $25, $50 or even as much as a million clams will go directly to exposing Hillary Clinton’s lies to voters across American and ensure  that she never becomes president of her local bridge club … No less the United States of Goddam America!

I’m going to fight back with – or without – your help if you turn out to be another one of those cheap Conservative bastards who won’t donate a damn dime to me out of your oodles and oodles of money!

Then the only remaining question is: Will we have the necessary resources to fight Hillary or will that uppity bitch run over us Christian folk with her mountains of Jewish bankrolled financial support?

It’s up to you, White Man?

Very Sincerely Yours,

Sheriff Joe I- Pay-U
Copasetic County, Arizona


Paid for by Stop LADY CLINTON PAC 
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
Contributions from foreign nationals or entities are prohibited.
Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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