No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

Demand your refund!

Subject: Demand your refund or suck on this, Girly- Man!

Reply-To: info@theteabagleadershipfund.com

Dear White Only Friend,

Pledge to primary those GOP traitors’ punk asses!

Eighty-seven establishment shit-for-brains Republicrats have betrayed the American people for Crissakes!

With a single vote, GOP scum sucks decisively climbed in bed with Barack Obama performing fellatio on the Presidential dick, practically choking themselves to death on Barack’s previously, enjoined  12 inch male member and Funding the disastrous roll out of Obamacare up the hairy yazoo!

I, Benedict Arnold,do solemnly  pledge to join the Primaries for Traitors in our shared mission to enforce  right wing accountability:

  1. Demanding a refund from the 87 sellouts to the White Race!
  2. Vowing to join the nearest grassroots ground-game to lynch any traitor; like the good old days in the Deep South when Slavery was in Flower!
  3. AND I will donate $5,000 dollars RIGHT NOW to advance our patriot bowel movement.

Take the pledge HERE & make a big-ass donation of $5,000 or much more!

The Democrats have wised-up to us teabaggers being the modern day KKK, and traitorous (RINNO’s) Republicans-In-Negro Name-Only) started that started as a Super-Duper PAC to “BEAT THE LIVING GREEN SNOT” out of  half-assed conservatives inside of our Mad as a Hatter Tea Party.

All the false evidence you need is splashed across the headlines every morning in vanishing newspapers owned by the Gay as a Goose Koch Brothers yet, still pale in comparison to  Black as Ebony Obama’s efforts to bankrupt our nation!

We need your support NOW. Please empty that fat wallet of yours before some Black thief does it for you and take the damn pledge immediately.

Unlike the big $$$ Democrats and the lobbyist funded establishment

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Republicans, our poisoned grassroots efforts are entirely silly citizen-supported.

The eighty-seven traitors have proved our point — just winning ridiculously-gerrymandered Republican seats in the House and Senate isn’t enough to further our cause. We must win seats for true Tea Bag Party Anti-Heroes.

To stop the Commie liberal march, we must elect candidates to faithfully fight alongside Canadian Ted Cruz, Rand “The Plagiarist” Paul and his decrepit Daddy!

With your slavishly  obedient help, the Tea Bagger Leadership Fund will ensure that each and every one of the 87 traitors are lined up against the nearest  wall and……

Anyone who joins our ranks between now and next November, will face a stiff (as a Black penis when  one of our luscious, young  Southern white woman strolls by)  challenge!

Yours till “freedom is slavery”! ….. As George Orwell might say!

Todd Stiffan Snotty
Citizen Pain ‘n Rott

P.S. The Dorky Dumb Dems want a knock-down/ drag-out fight in full delicious drag?

We Republicans too have plenty of mean transvestites in the closet!

Our Pure and Poor White America is under attack from within. Pledge and Donate today to help defend lady liberty from getting sodomized by Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Reds!


Learn less not more more
.                                                                       teabagleadershipfund.com

Paid for by The Tea Bag Leadership Fund PAC.

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions from foreign nationals or entities are Welcomed. Contributions for nefarious purposes only.
www.TheTeaBagleadershipfund .com

Unsubscribe why don’t you?



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