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Dreamboat Glen Dake suddenly appears in LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s private life! Mum’s the word!


Does the Mayor of LA Have a Brand-New Scrumptious Room-mate to complement Wife Amy?

Has this hyper-delicious hot number (See for yourself!) , a wealthy architect by profession, moved in snugly with Mayor Garcetti and his better half, Ms. Wakeland-Garcetti, at their Silver Lake (soon-to-be vacated) homestead?

(Visit the Glen Dake business website by clicking below!)

Our website won’t stoop to print the tongue-wagging gossip that is currently flying around Los Angeles City Hall … because it’s much too graphic!!!

Lately, Mr. Glen Dake, mouthwateringly handsome in a red muscle shirt as you can plainly

see for yourself, is sure as hell sharing an awful lot of quality time together with Eric & Amy (and baby makes three) over there at Casa Garcetti…strictly behind closed doors, doncha know?

What we do know for damn sure is that the Mayor’s new “boyish friend” has gently twisted Eric’s slender young arm to convince the Mayor of LA to appoint Sexy Glen’s sister, Ms. Renee Dake Wilson, to the powerful City Planning Commission despite her puny qualifications for such a lofty position in the Garcetti Administration.

As some say: “It’s not who you know; it’s who you …… !”

Of course, there are other ways of paying off a politician for a plum appointment besides a painfully-obvious monetary campaign contribution, aren’t there?

Dake on the make? Who knows?

More to come! (Please! No pun intended!)








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