No One Can Really Tell The Truth Like John Walsh

The latest Inside dope from Mayor Garcetti’s Dake-Gate Growing Scandal!


Here below is how to get 5-month old Mayor Eric Garcetti to appoint you as Planning Commissioner: Simply donate $12,600 to his mayoral campaign … then try to persuade all your friends on the Planned Parenthood Board to make fat contributions to Eric as well … finally, get your kid brother who has a 13-year super close relationship with Eric to whisper a few sweet nothings about yourself into the mayoral ear and (presto-chango!): Ms. Renee (“Sisterhood is Powerful!”) Dake Wilson, you find yourself picked for the coveted Planning Commissioner job over dozens of infinitely more qualified candidates than yourself!

Go figure!

Please Inspect Ms Renee Dake Wilson’s Planned Parenthood photo included in this post!


Dake on the Take?

Did Ms. Renee Dake Wilson — with no serious qualifications for the position to speak of — rely on a suspiciously-odd form of nepotism to wind up siting on the all-powerful LA City Planning Commission with as little independent authority over any of her current official decisions as a rubber stamp sitting the very same way on the desk of Mayor Eric Garcetti to be found right there in the Mayor’s official Silverlake residence, which is the very same home place that some say Eric is now sharing with the deliriously happy female appointee’s brother (still quite a hot hunk in his late thirties) Mr. Glen Dake, who first caught the roving eye of then-Councilman Eric Garcetti about thirteen short years ago, resulting in an instant appointment of the young (and even more comely than at present) Mr. Glen Dake (examine the photo here) to the inner circle of Councilman Garcetti’s always pliant City Hall staff that lasted for 4 hot and happy green years to the delight of the two of them … before Boy Glen flew Eric’s City Hall coop to cash in the insider contacts that he made while on the Councilman’s staff in order to financially feather his nest at Mr. Dake’s burgeoning landscaping architecture business!



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